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Birthday Buzz Reading

Posted by AppBite Team
Birthday Buzz International EditionBy Education Services Australia Ltd

Birthday Buzz International Edition iPad App Review.

Birthday Buzz International Edition is a cute interactive story showing off what the iPad can do that the traditional book can not.

Beautifully illustrated Birthday Buzz starts off by asking young readers to consider what they are seeing on the front cover of a book.

  • birthday-buzz-ipad-education-review
  • birthday-buzz-ipad-education-review

Children are asked to make a prediction on what the story might be about based on the title of the book and what can be seen on the cover illustration. They also have the option of drawing their own cover picture in a small slate window.

The story that unfolds with a narrator reading out the story, very much like the story time shows on TV/DVD, with each word being underlined as the story is read out.

After the story is completed children get to look at the prediction they made about the story based on the cover of the book.

As a final interactive element the story is laid out in picture board format where children are asked to select which order the pictures should go in to remake the story. There is an option to play a sound bite for the appropriate section before dropping in a picture.

Birthday Buzz is written by Rachel Kennedy and illustrated by Johnny Xu.

If you have children who are learning to read this looks like an excellent iPad app and a bargain at $.99, highly recommend.


  • birthday-buzz-ipad-education-review
  • birthday-buzz-ipad-education-review
Birthday Buzz International Edition

Developer: Education Services Australia Ltd.
Category: Education
Updated: Dec 14, 2010
Price: $0.99

Our Rating
4 / 5

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