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Wrapping Up 2009

By AppBite Team   December - 29 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments

It’s almost January 1st, 2010 is creeping up on us and there are only a few days left to enjoy the wonders 2009 brought to us. We saw the iPhone 3GS being released with thousands of new APIs for developers and whole set of new functionalities for us, the users. We celebrated together as the AppStore hit its 1 billionth download milestone. Now, the AppStore holds over 140,000 applications and games. There’s much to be proud about what Apple has done with iTunes. But remember one thing Apple! Nothing would have been possible without independent crafty developers, dedicated teams and first and foremost all the hundreds of thousands of anxious users that cross the iTunes’ gates every single day, and 28 times as much on a holiday.

So, instead of preaching about Apple for much longer, I dedicate 2009 to you! You, the avid [...]

Our Picks For 2009: Top iPhone Games

By AppBite Team   December - 28 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   1 Comment

Continuing the Top Apps for 2009 is our picks for the best games for the year. Again, let me remind you that you should take this with a grain of salt, and that it’s always hard to decide which is better, ney, which should be on this list. I’m writing this in hopes that you will gain some perspective as to what are the features that were most common and most sought after by the users. I would rather say that these are the games that in 2009 made good use of the iPhone’s capabilities, were a bit innovative and made our lives that much more pleasant. Enough said!

The first thing to note about it is how little has been actually stripped from the console version. In addition to your standard “Training,” “Penalty Shootout” or the basic “Kick Off!” the game offers three extra game modes for your delight, each with its own [...]

Our Picks For 2009: Best iPhone Apps

By AppBite Team   December - 28 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments

It’s not always easy to rank, compare and be the judge and jury when it comes to picking the best iPhone apps and iPhone games for a whole year. It’s not something I planned to do at the end of this year as the closing post for 2009: to go over our database of app and game reviews and pick my favorites, then compare them with the feedback we got from you guys. Lining them up against any ranking is pointless in my opinion and stating that these are the absolute best apps is the number one mistake I could make. And as I said, it’s not something I wanted to do. But when you get an inbox full of requests that all ask for a list, what can you do? Well, I grinned my teeth and got to it. But before I start let me make on thing clear. This is just a tentative list – take it with grain of salt. It does cover both apps and games [...]

Press Release: GrooveMaker Reggae

By AppBite Team   December - 26 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments
groovemaker-reggae - EarthLink, Inc.

IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of a new application for the iPhone/iPod Touch:GrooveMaker Reggae. This new style-based app allows anyone to create and share non-stop reggae tracks for remixing, multimedia and movie soundtrack compositions on the go, in real-time, just like a professional DJ or music producer.

GrooveMaker has quickly become one of the top downloaded remixing applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch, allowing any user to create professional, full-length tracks in minutes, with its unique combination of advanced remixing software and high-quality included loops’ sound content. With 10 available applications in the GrooveMaker range, there are now over 2,800 high-quality fresh loops available for your remixes. GrooveMaker allows for instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks, making it [...]

Press Release: Urban War by Sigster hits the iPhone

By AppBite Team   December - 23 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments
urban-war - EarthLink, Inc.

December 22, 2009. Sigster, LLC. announces the release of Urban War for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the first true cross-platform social game that offers users a full-fledged in-game social network with a single account across multiple platforms including Facebook, Myspace, and The consistency across multiple platforms and devices combined with a simpler user interface makes it extremely convenient and easy to navigate, but almost impossible to quit.

Urban War is a fast paced strategic role-playing game that will challenge your instincts to exist in a world laid to waste by greed and violence. Players join and grow their factions by engaging in conflict, creating alliances, completing missions, and mastering advanced technologies to climb their way up the leader boards and gain rule over the city. [...]

Press Release: GrooveMaker Rock Ace

By AppBite Team   December - 22 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments
groovemaker-rock-ace - EarthLink, Inc.

GrooveMaker® Rock Ace app by Skunk Anansie guitarist released! Get Ace’s killer riffs for remixing on iPhone/iPod Touch and Groove like a Rock Star.

IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of the first artist created GrooveMaker® app for iPhone/iPod Touch: GrooveMaker Rock Ace by Skunk Anansie’s guitarist Ace. This is the latest addition to the hugely successful Groove-Maker range of 9 currently available titles. GrooveMaker Rock Ace is designed for non-stop, in your face, rocking -Grab a tasty guitar riff, throw in some massive rock beats, then add a bone crushing bass line! Anyone can now create and share non-stop metal and rock tracks for DJing, remixing, multimedia and movie soundtrack compositions on the go, in real-time, just like a professional DJ or rock producer. Skunk Anansie are back and [...]

Press Release: 100 Nazi Scalps

By AppBite Team   December - 22 - 2009    See more Apps inNews   No Comments

70 years after the start of World War II Apalon is proud to announce the launch of 100 Nazi Scalps iPhone game. 100 Nazi Scalps is an arcade styled game with unmatched graphics and sounds that allow users fully immerse into the authentic atmosphere of WW2. The game is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

This game allows players become a brave American soldier in bloody missions of World War II. The main character and other members of his squad were sent to Paris, France, but on the way their plane crashed. Everyone, except for the sergeant, managed to escape the burning plane and hide in the woods. That is how the first mission of the game starts.

Each level has its unique missions: as a fearless Nazi slayer, players will have to save the sergeant, hold the position until the squad arrives, [...]