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CauseWorld iPhone App Review.

You've been sitting in your comfy chair reading these reviews. It's time you did something good for others. So if you're thinking that there's no way you can reach people in Asia, Africa or even much closer communities to your home without serious research and some effort on your part, well, you're wrong. So was I, until I came across a nifty little iPhone app that did just that. It provided the incentive, the mobile, and the choice, all together in one. It's called CauseWorld and they're serious about providing you with a cause you can help out with.

How You Can Get Involved

CauseWorld is free to download right now on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just head on to the AppStore and you can start to help prevent child abuse, provide clear water or help with worldwide crises, for starters. The cool thing about it is that you won't have to spend a penny to do it. Big corporations like CitiBank and Kraft Foods have all agreed to donate money on your behalf to a cause of your choosing.

So how does it work then? It's as easy as walking into a store, starting the iPhone app, checking in and start gathering points, or "karmas." Once you've accumulated a number of karma points, you can start donating them to a cause of your choice. Partner stores into which you walked in will donate money on your behalf.

The Clever Mix Of Mobile GPS and Corporate PR

We've seen success with other apps that use the iPhone's GPS for neat things like social gaming or meetings to name a few. But, as Techcrunch points out, this is the first iPhone app that "lets you do good deeds for simply walking into a store." And although I imagine it must have been a tremendous effort to get this one up and running (and by that I don't mean the app programming, although it's done almost flawlessly), but getting the corporations to sign off on it. Bravo! The developers have certainly done their good deed simply by providing us with an easy way to do ours.

Although I don't have a full list of participating businesses, from what I read, we're not talking only about major national chains. You could be sitting and enjoying a cup of joe in your corner shop, reading this and not even know you could be donating as we speak.

A Cause For Each And Every One

Whoever and where ever you are, you can choose a cause that you'd like to support by donating Karma to it. On their website, you can find a complete list of what causes you can support, read up on each of them and see in real-time who is donating to what. And if you don't see your favorite cause listed there, email them and work out the details.

With 100 Karma donated to Room to Read, you can help fight illiteracy in Southeast Asia, India or Africa. The organization will donate a children's book for every 100 Karma you donate. 50 Karma will get you helping one injured animal courtesy of American Humane. Preventing child abuse, offsetting carbon emissions, giving clean drinking water or feeding America are also noteworthy causes.

You may be wondering what you have to buy and how much, from each of the stores you "check-in." Well, nothing. As I've said, walk into a store or restaurant and check in. No purchase is necessary to earn you Karma.


You know you're dealing with a polished app when you open up CauseWorld. Every icon on the app seems to have taken forever to finish up, and yet they seem so simple. A+ for usability and user experience as well. The app easily guides you through the check-in process, even when you're in a mall with hundreds of partner shops around you. CauseWorld will show only the stores closest to you to make it easy for you to navigate. If you already checked in today in one, you have to wait until tomorrow to fire up the iPhone app and get more Karma from that shop.

From time to time, you can level up with CauseWorld and earn badges for many different events, like repeating certain actions every day, performing one for the first time or inviting your friends to use the app and start donating Karma.

Karma is then transformed into money, which actually represents a bite-size portion of the $500,000 CitiBank and Kraft Foods have pledged for the initial launch, according to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch. So if there's nothing on your today's to-do list, put this on top: download CauseWorld and start checking in to your favorite locations. Re-tweet this post and spread the word. The truth is there are so few things that actually make a difference in the world, so why not engage in one when it comes along?!



Developer: Cross-Platform Corporation
Category: Lifestyle
Released: December 24, 2009
Price: Free

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4.5 / 5

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