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Be The Hero In Combo Slash

Posted by Maria Poeana
Combo Slash - INT SQUARE

Combo Slash iPhone Game Review.

The Demon King is kidnapping and using young girls as offerings for the Gods. He has an army of evil warriors, each one leaded by a ferocious boss. Their target is to find innocent girls and take them to the Demon King. And you are the only one who can stop them. Fight the evil warriors and save the girls. Do you think you have what it takes to complete this action RPG? If so, then purchase Combo Slash from the AppStore, and let the battle begin.

What you have to do

Combo Slash is an action RPG, where your main goal is to save the innocent girls from the hands of the evil warriors working for the Demon King. To do this, you'll have a princess to help you, and your strength and weapons to fight against your enemies. There are all sorts of dangers you'll have to face, but also rewards on the way. Keep focused, protect the princess, and smartly use your weapons to defeat all the creatures standing in your way.

Unlike other games, with Combo Slash you don't pick the type of character you want to play with, but the class of the princess following you throughout the game. Your princess can be either Cleric or Mage, and depending on what you choose, she will have different powers that will come in handy in battle. You, as the hero, will get to use both your battle skill and the princess's powers during the game, as long as you protect her from harm. And to do this, you can either place her in a safe place during each stage of the game, or kill the enemies before they get to hurt her. With every enemy you kill, there are coins and other items to collect that you can use at any time by easily taking them out of your inventory. Also, to raise your chance of defeating the enemies, you can purchase weapons, armors and potions, and with every cleared level, you can decide what ability of your hero and princess to upgrade.

Engaging, but confusing

These are pretty much the basics of the game. The controls are simple: there are only a couple of buttons to tap on to move your hero and use all sorts of attacks. But, even so, I must admit that, at times, Combo Slash got me kind of lost. First of all, you learn at the begging of the game that you can place the princess in a safe spot with a couple of taps. But most of the times, when I tried to make her sit in one place, it just didn't work, she kept following the hero, and most of the times that got her killed. And once she's killed, another weird thing happens: the game doesn't stop. As you go through portals from one location to another, she continues to pop out next to you, and I just couldn't figure out how to resurrect her, or even if I should try.

As for the moment when your hero dies, that's pretty confusing also. You can choose to continue the game or retry. I did both on different occasions. When I decided to retry, it looked as if I was taken to a whole new location, which was neither at the beginning of the game, nor where I left off. And when I choose to continue, the hero instantly resurrected and I picked up the game where I left off, but I haven't noticed any penalty. So, if you can go on and resurrect at any time, no cost involved, then what's the point of the game? Eventually, your hero will win no matter what. Plus, after killing one of the bosses, I was expecting to save a girl or at least move to another location. But, instead, I got some rewards for clearing the stage, and I was taken back to the location where I started the game, only to find out I had to kill the same boss as before.

All things considered, Combo Slash needs a little improvement to become the game it is supposed to be. Because all these confusing aspects, along with the poor graphics, make it unworthy of its price. Especially since there are way better games in the AppStore that are free. Now, this doesn't mean the creators of Combo Slash should change the rules of the games. Instead, a better explaining of the rules or a more in-depth tutorial would probably do the trick.


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Combo Slash
Developer: INT SQUARE
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: $1.99

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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