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Cweeture Jump - WeeWorld

Cweeture Jump iPhone App Review.

Cweeture Jump is brought to us by WeeWorld & is a cute Doodle Jump style of game, or if you're more console familiar a Super Mario coin jump style of game.

The basic premise is pretty simple, you launch off from the ground, to keep going you need to collect Coins, Diamonds & Rubies to be propelled higher.  As you rocket upwards there are also ledges to bouce off & hour glasses to collect to allow you more in game time.

The control is fairly simple, lean the iPhone to the left or right to control the drift while heading up.  If you start to fall find a coin or ledge quick as a red line follows you upwards which if you hit will end your game.

Graphics & Music
The Cweeture is nicely animated and is particularly funny while falling and at the end of the game.  Music is light and inoffensive, which to me is a great plus when on public transport.  Sound fx are subtle as well.

  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review
  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review
  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review

Game Center Support
Game Center is supported with a leaderboard of who has the highest scrore, tracking of achievements.   At the end of your game you have the option to post your score to Facebook or Twitter.

Device Support
One little note with Cweeture Jump is that it supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd gen+) and iPad. This unfortunately leaves iPhone 3 (non-GS) owners unable to play. If we get an update from the developer on this we will let you know.


We quite enjoyed Cweeture and were pleased by the subtle sound.  I'd like to see more game modes and the ability to have multiple turns before the game ends, somewhat feels you are clicking to go back to the start screen over and over.


  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review
  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review
  • cweeture-jump-iphone-app-review

Cweeture Jump
Developer: WeeWorld
Category: Games
Updated: Apr 09, 2011
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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