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The Nostradamus In The Toast

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Toaster Oracle - Ruffwork

Toaster Oracle iPhone App Review.

Life is a series of choices that we all must make. There’s no looking back, but only looking forward towards what the future holds and what the next choice we’d have to make is. Some choose to not choose at all and believe what others have chosen for them. That’s a choice in itself already. But this is not an article about life’s meaning or some philosophical discussion about the future and making the right choice. This a review for an app that appeals to a small set of believers in anything that foretells their future for them.

The Nostradamus is in the bread

When you can’t do reading in tea leaves, coffee, in your palm or when you don’t have a magic 8 ball in your pocket, fire up your toaster and make some toast. Apparently, the morning toast contains vital information for how your day is going to go. Can’t read the message in the toast? Let Toaster Oracle do it for you on your iPhone.

Fire up the virtual toaster within the app, set the temperature, drop in a toast and wait for the results. Depending on how the toast comes out, your day will go all downhill or turn out to be a winner.

There isn’t much to how the app works. You basically have to slide the temperature slider to prepare your toast and start it, just as you would a regular toaster. After a few seconds, the toast is done and, depending on a combination of the set-temperature and “luck” of sorts, the toast can come out perfectly done, totally burnt or in between.

There are a few more options for the in-between toast, but the bottom line is that the more evenly your toast is toasted (no pun intended) the more wonderful your day can be.

You can save the results to your photo-album, email them to a friend or post to Twitter and Facebook.

What I couldn’t figure out is whether Toaster Oracle is meant to entertain, in which case I would welcome some sort of a disclaimer, or it’s really meant to predict some outcome of your day based on how a toast comes out of the toaster, in which case it would be ridiculous and Toaster Oracle would be a no-no.

Either way, I don’t believe the price tag of 99cents is justified.


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Toaster Oracle
Developer: Ruffwork LLC
Category: Lifestyle
Updated: March 23rd, 2011
Price: $0.99

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1.5 / 5

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