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With iOS8 out and almost 50% of compatible devices running it from day one, it seems there is no shortage of questions on how to do this or that with Apple's latest mobile OS. While I'm not going to try and cover everything, my next few articles will cover issues that have really bugged me and issues that iOS has found a quick solution too (or sometimes surfaced more of a bug than anything else).

One of my favorite complaint about Messages in previous version of iOS was the lack of ability to send multiple photos or videos to a recipient in one go, without having to tap the camera icon multiple times, each time attaching just one new image or video. With iOS8, when you tap the camera icon in Messages, you have the ability to shoot something on the spot, but if you go to Photo library, you can select a bunch of photos in one go. Neat! Rather late to the party, but one of my pet peeves for sure.

Also, did you know that you can now "hide" photos from prying eyes? That's right. No longer do you have to worry about your friends snatching your phone from your hand and browsing your photos at ease. In the Photos app now, you can tap and hold on a photo and you can select to "Hide" it. It'll look just like it disappeared, vanished into thin air, but you still have access to it via the Albums button in the tab bar. At least your friends can see your private stuff instantly and you have time to snatch the phone back before the damage is done.

It also looks like Apple is stepping up and trying to own the entire lifetime of a photo, from the moment you take a photo to when you delete it from your phone. Once you take a photo, you can quickly edit it right on your phone with features such as crop, rotate, adjust color and light or turn it into grayscale. When it comes to deleting a photo, Apple has implemented a sort of 30-day quarantine folder for deleted photos - a trash bin if you will, that deletes everything in it that is past its expiration date. So when you delete a photo or video, be sure to check out the Recently Deleted folder. Your photo will still be there and you can either restore it, delete it manually (forever) or wait until the 30 day grace period expires and garbage collection kicks in.

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