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Why Type When You Can Swype?

Posted by Maria Poeana
Swype - Nuance Communications

Swype iPhone App Review.

We’re always on a hurry, we’re always busy and running out of time. We want to do things as fast as we can, because there’s an entire list of to dos waiting for us every day. And writing emails and messages sometimes takes a lot more time than it should. Especially if you’re not yet entirely comfortable using your iPhone or iPad’s touchscreen keyboard. But Nuance Communications thinks it has just the right tool to make your life easier. This is Swype, and this week only, you can download it free of charge from the App Store.
What is Swype

What if, instead of tapping on the letters, you could swipe from one letter to another, when using your iPad or iPhone’s keyboard? Just draw a line with your finger from one letter to another, and instead of a babble, get exactly the word you wanted to write. Why make push-ups with your finger while jumping from one letter to another, when you can easily swipe through the letters and get the same result. Sounds incredible? Well, it’s not. That’s just Swype.

So, the basic idea of Swype is that it reinvents writing on your touchscreen keyboard. Instead of tapping on each letter, you swipe from one letter to another. But that’s not all you can do with it. Just as other types of keyboards, Swype remembers and suggests words every time you type, make the writing process easier and easier every time.

Suggests Words, as well as Emojis

Also, since we’ve started using more and more Emojis in our messages, Swype has an incorporated Emoji detector, as well. For example, if you swipe your finger across the letters forming the word Halloween, you’ll obviously get the word Halloween as a suggestion. But, you’ll also get another similar word (in case you were actually looking to write something else), and, in addition, a Pumpkin Emoji as suggestion. Nice, and easy.

Predicts what you're about to write

Autocorrect is optional. But if you disable it, that doesn’t mean that Swype stops suggesting or predicting words for you. And the Prediction option is so cool, because Swype doesn’t only predict the word based on what letters you swipe, but also based on the previous word you typed. Really clever, and useful.

Innovative, fun, easy to use...but also secure?

Now, my only problem with Swype is security related. When you install a new keyboard on your device, it warns you that the keyboard can access all the data you type, including personal information, like passwords and bank account details. Plus, to use some of Swype’s features, you need to also allow it full access when you set it up. So, with the risk of sounding paranoid, I probably will keep the Allow Full Access option off. And, most certainly, wouldn’t use it to type in passwords, or other personal information. This is not meant to imply that Swype has, indeed, a security problem. But, since it’s not an Apple licensed app, and I don’t know that much about this company to trust it, then I’d rather be safe, than sorry.

All things concerned, I appreciate Swype, because it brings something new to the table. It’s innovative, and client oriented. I, for one, would probably not use it, because I type faster the good old fashioned way than when I use Swype. But that’s just a matter of taste and practice.


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Developer: Nuance Communications
Category: Utilities
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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