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This is the seventh room that you’ll find yourself in - entitled “Secret.” If you want to take a look at our walkthrough of the Sixth Room you can find it via the link. So fire up your Escape The Room 2 game and let’s go!

As a heads up, in this level, you’ll have to go through 3 different rooms, collect items in each and solve puzzles in two of them. It’s a long level and you don’t have a lot of time to do it. That bomb in your chest is always ready to burst.

Things you’ll need

Alright, so let’s pick up the things we’ll need from the first room. In the Northwest sandbox, there’s a red item. Pick that up and you get quadrangle candy. The capsule toy on the shelf in the Southwest corner of the room needs to be picked up as well. In the bottom drawer there you’ll also find a hammer. In the desk with the computer, pick up the tweezers and the cutter from the two drawers. That’s all you’ll need right now from this room.


Go to your inventory and separate the red candy into a blue block and the capsule toy into a green block. Next, use the hammer to break open the flickering light bulb in the Northeast corner to pick up the purple block. Also use the cutter to cut open the giant teddy bear in the Southeast corner to get the red block. The tweezers you’ll need to get the yellow block from the keyboard on the computer desk.

First puzzle

Place all five blocks in the sockets in the wall in the Northwest and use the magnifying glass to read the wallpaper to the left, which will give you three clues as to the order in which the five blocks need to be. The correct order is, by the way, red, purple, yellow, red and blue.

Clearing this puzzle will let you open the wall panel and get the key that opens the door out of this room. Don’t get cocky though, you still have two more rooms before you’re home free.


Room 2

In room 2, first thing you have to NOT do is equip the costume in the corner. That will show a StarWars like scene with “I’m your father” and kill you. I half expected heavy breathing, Darth Vader-like, honestly.

You’ll need to pick up the iron pipe next to the safe and the jigsaw 7 inside the safe. In the other safe, there’s a lever handle. Use the iron pipe to pop the elevator door open, located to the East, and unlock the person inside. That turns out to be your kindergarten teacher. Upon close inspection, you’ll see a blue LEGO piece on her. Get that and place it in the colorful building blocks construction in the Southeast.

Puzzle marathon

Time for three consecutive puzzles now. You have to arrange the Tetris-like blocks correctly to fill the empty space in the middle, without leaving blocks empty. Here are the three solved puzzles below.

Block Puzzle 1

Block Puzzle 2

Block Puzzle 3

Once you clear this part, the blocks make room for a pathway. Walk through it and you’ll get to the third and final room.

Room 3

Thankfully, there’s not much you have to do in this room. You have to use the lever handle in the West wall socket and pop open the wall panel next to it to collect the escape key. Also located on one of the tables is a gold key.

Walk back to the previous room to find that the elevator doors are closed and the elevator departed. No matter, if you use the escape key to open the door in the North, you’re home free. Cleared another level! Congrats!

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