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This is the eigth room that you’ll find yourself in - entitled "Choise." If you want to take a look at our walkthrough of the Seventh Room you can find it via the link. So fire up your Escape The Room 2 game and let’s go!

Room 8 is Choise and, let me tell you from the start, that you won't be the only one escaping it. There are no complicated puzzles, but you will get to put to the test your fourth grade knowledge concerning color combinations. And discovering the code to exit room 8 will give you a bit of a headache.

The first thing you will notice is a man lying on the floor. He will be trying to tell you something, but he's in such a poor shape that telling you what he wants is not an option. So you will have to find a way to ind out what he wants to say.

Items you’ll need

But first, you've got some items to grab: a small key from the man's pocket, a card from the red, bottom shelf near the door, pen and paper on the desk and a glass cup on the glass table. Don't waste your time trying to write something on the paper or find a secret door to open with the key. Mix the pen and paper and give it o the man on the floor, who, by the way, is a doctor. If you check out what he has written, you will find the word "green," which will prove to be more useful than you think. But not just yet.


You only need one more thing to exit the room, and that is a code. Use the magnifier to read the code on the piece of paper hanging on the wall, near the exit door. Use it to escape and...surprise. You're in another room and the clock is still ticking.

The next room

This one looks like a hospital room. Grab X-Ray on the bed, Jigsaw 8 from the green drawer on the South wall, screwdriver and aluminum cup on the medication cabinet on the East wall, next to the opened door and injector on the small, grey cabinet near the North wall.

Now, it's time to use a couple of the items you have collected. Use the key you got from the man in the first room to open the medication cabinet on the East wall and grab the three medication bottles. Use the screwdriver to crack a whole in the West wall and grab a gold key.


And use the glass cup to fill it with hydrochloric acid from the bottle next to the green drawer, on the South wall. Be careful to use the glass cup and not the aluminum one, if you want to get out alive. The aluminum glass is just a trap and has no other use in this room.

Pour the acid from the cup onto the cover of the steel terminal box on the floor in front of the medication cabinet. Pull the switch and bingo, you've got power. Put the X-Ray on the light box over the bed and use the magnifier for a better view. It's a hand X-Ray, but that's not what makes it special. There is a four digit code (1423) written on the thumb, and that's something you're going to need. But don't hurry to use it to escape the room. There's still one more piece of the code that you’ll need.

Use the magnifier to look on the EKG monitor near the bed, on the North wall that displays someone’s erratic heartbeat. Naturally, nothing is erratic in Escape the Room 2, so here’s the trick. There are four sequences of beeps that you’ll hear from the monitor. Count each one independently and come up with another four digit code.


All you have to do now is add it to the number you got from the X-Ray and you will have the code you need to escape the room. You can go ahead and exit right now and forget the man on the floor in the other room. But being the kind hearted hero that you are, let’s try and save him as well, shall we?

Playing doctor

Remember what the man in the other room wrote on the piece of paper you gave him? Except the green drawer, nothing else is green. But the medicine bottles you grabbed from the cabinet have different colors. And although none of them are green, that doesn't mean that you can't make a green colored medicine.


Mix the blue and the yellow ones and get the serum you were looking for. Mix the serum with the injector, go back to the first room and inject the man on the floor. But be careful to inject him with the right serum, because of you mix other colors, you both end up dead. The red medicine bottle is another trap.

All that's left is go back with the man to the second room, enter the code to the door to the South wall and escape the room. The man you saved will get left behind anyway, but you feel better for having done your good deed for the day.

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  1. Kanjanika says:

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    X+Y = password to enter

    I need Y!

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    There is no noise coming from monitor…

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