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This is the nineth room that you’ll find yourself in - entitled "Judgment." If you want to take a look at our walkthrough of the Eight Room you can find it via the link. So fire up your Escape The Room 2 game and let’s go!


Northwest room

Enter the Northwest room. Cut the wire on the West wall with the cutter from the previous room and enter a second room - Room 6 from before.

Pick up the tools from the blue tool box on the table and the screwdriver from the red toolbox. Optionally, get the Jigsaw 10 from the green drawer on the East wall. Use the screwdriver to make a crack in the floor, near the table, and grab the gold key.

Take the wooden board from the floor, near the door filled with lightbulbs on the South wall. Take a closer look at the lightbulbs. See how the flickering lights form a four digit code. As before, squint your eyes to get the numbers. Go to the previous room, insert the code to open the vault, and grab Memory Card B and injector. Insert the card in the device in the main room and proceed to the Southwest door.


Southwest room

Enter the Southwest room and mix wood and tools to repair the broken ladder. Climb it to get to another room. You’re now in Room 2 (remember where you started?).

Pick up the pipe on the floor, near the rug, get Jigsaw 11 from the drawer, and start rearranging the books in the bookshelf on the South wall. They form a perfect puzzle that reveals another code:2569. Memorize the code, climb down the ladder and insert it to unlock the vault. Get Memory Card C and thread, then insert the card in the device. It's time for the last room to reveal its secrets.


Northeast room

Go to the Northeast room. Use the pipe to block the ventilator and go through the ventilator hole to reach another room, only to remember Room 8. Get Jigsaw 12 from the box near the door and take a closer look at the paper on the wall above the box. The word “lose” is written in red and caps lock. Use your imagination. What happens if you look at it upside down? Letters look like numbers, and the code is 3507. Go back through the ventilator hole and use the code to open the vault. Get Memory Card D and helium gas tank. Insert the card in the device.

Final puzzle


Now take a close look at all four pictures revealed on the screen near the device. They all have the number 4 written at the bottom. And it so happens that you've got another device on the West wall, where you have to enter another code to open a door. 4 pictures, all of them with a 4 written gives you a new code: 4444. Use it and...surprise. The door doesn't open. Instead, it reveals a keyhole. Don't bother to search through your items for a key. Mix the helium with the injector, than with the balloon and, finally, with the thread. Tie it to the red handle on the West wall. Another vault opens and there's a key in it. Use it to open the final door. And...victory. You managed to escape Room 9.

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