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Ready, Set, FreeAppWin!

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
FreeAppWin - TapGen

FreeAppWin iPhone App Review.

Yes, the name might be misleading, but the apps and prizes are real. FreeAppWin is a two-part application. On one hand, FreeAppWin features free apps on its home screen every day. These are apps that are offered for free on that given day in the AppStore. On the other hand, FreeAppWin also offers you daily, weekly and monthly contests where you can win prizes up to $200. These are contest giveaways where the prizes consist in Amazon gift cards.

More than one way to get free apps

I’m not sure if these are apps that are offered for free to FreeAppWin users or if they’re just on sale for free in the AppStore. You can actually get these apps directly from the AppStore, if you know how and when to look for them. There are of course other apps that will offer you a similar service, where you can place apps in a watchlist until they go free. AppMiner comes to mind for the iPhone and AppZapp on the iPad.

FreeAppWin will feature a ton of free and paid apps every day. It’s a gamer’s dream, really. Today’s featured free app is TigerWoods PGA Tour, which normally costs $4.99. You could also get Tap Pet Hotel, another fantastic game.

It really is fun to watch out for free apps and games and I’m willing to bet there’s not going to be a day to go by without you finding a great bargain.

Ready to win some prizes?

But what sets FreeAppWin apart from the rest is its contest giveaways. You have three types of contests you can participate in. Daily contests change every day. Today’s contest amounts to $100 in prizes, consisting a $50 Amazon gift card plus ten $5 gift cards from the behemoth ecommerce site. There’s a new contest every day.

The weekly contest runs for the entire week, so you have 7 days to sign up for one. This week’s contest can put a $100 Amazon gift card in your pocket or one of the ten $10 gift cards.

The monthly contest runs for one entire month and right now a $200 Amazon gift card is up for grabs. No runners up here, sorry. There’s a new contest every month.

So what are the rules for the contest? The usual, be of age, a citizen of US, share with FreeAppWin your name, age and email. It’s actually the easiest road to winning a $200 Amazon gift card that I know of. And if you refer your friends, you’ll both get an extra monthly entry.

With a simple and visually appealing interface, FreeAppWin is more than your average free app tracker. Even if you don’t win that $200 Amazon gift card, you still have on great way to get new apps and games every day, and did I mention you don’t need to spend a dime to do so? FreeAppWin is totally free to download and use. Get it now!


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Developer: TapGen
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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  1. Good app. Enter the code JFG0H3, email me at, and I'll tell you how to increase your chances of winning.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love this app!! if you enter the code 73DA2N you get 5 bonus entries!!

  3. Patrick says:

    This works great! And with this code you'll get 5 free entries: 36NQM9 !!

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