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Fruitblox iPhone App Review.

It's kind of an end-of-the-year puzzle frenzy for me. Since I last reviewed LetsTans I've been checking out other cool games to make my little brain tick. I stumbled across FruitBlox just yesterday and I haven't put the iPhone down yet. The game basics are simple, the graphics are sweet and funny with a little cartoonish touch, and the animation sprites are well done. And the best thing of it (or perhaps the worst, depends how you look at it), it's addictive!

The Simplcity Of Game Basics

With FruitBlox, you have to make squares of fruits and vegetables, in such a way as to have the corners of the square mimic the same fruit or veggie. When you match all four corners, making a straight line in between them, anything caught in between disappears from the board, and you score points. The more squares you make, the more points you make. However, I've noticed that the larger the square, the more points as well, since you're eliminating more fruits at the same time from the board.

Three Different Yet Challenging Game Modes

FruitBlox features three game modules, but the same game rules apply to all, and all levels are constrained by a time frame. In Survival Mode, you have to select the squares within a specified time limit. The Time Panic will have you struggling to select and complete as many squares as you can in a specified time limit. And, my all favorite, Level Panic makes you time your moves just right to complete an entire level by completing a fixed number of squares within the specified time frame. You might think that this last one is the easiest as it doesn't matter how big the squares are, as long as you hit your number at the end. It's not quite so, and my tip would be to start from the middle of the board towards the edges to complete squares, thus making sure you're not disregarding those smaller, yet equally important, squares.


Each square you successfully take out will earn you points, and you are free to brag about your high scores both locally (on your iPhone) or globally (online at the world leaderboard).

FruitBlox doesn't feature a free or lite version, but you can have a go at a similar version online. In the AppStore, the game sells for $0.99 and if puzzle is your name, then FruitBlox is your game. Enjoy!


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Developer: DotComInfoWay
Category: Games
Released: December 8th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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