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Fruits Collector HD - Angry Orange

Fruits Collector HD iPad Game Review.

When you say autumn, you say school, chestnuts and trees shedding their brown leaves. And leaves aren't the only things falling. Fruits are ripe, sweet and ready to be collected. But there's no need to get your car out of the garage for a trip outside the city. You can collect fruits right from the comfort of your home with just one download of Fruits Collector HD from the AppStore.

Fruits Collector HD is an arcade game that tests your hand-eye coordination skills. There are four modes to play, that include collecting or slicing fruits. You can test how many fruits you can slice in a fixed or endless period of time and how much you can make it without leaving three fruits fall unsliced. Sounds simple? Well, it's not.

Too hard to enjoy it

Fruits are falling from the trees faster than you can react, and you can't predict which fruit is going to fall next. And if it's not as much of a buzz kill when playing in predetermined or endless time mode, it's really annoying when playing the mode where you can't drop more than three fruits without slashing. Being able to just slash a couple of fruits before dropping three is that nerve wrecking that you might seriously reconsider playing other modes, no matter how much you enjoy a challenge.

But, fortunately, there's also another mode that makes this game more fun to play. It is called Short Rounds and it is made up of a couple of short levels, where you have to complete more diversified tasks than just slashing falling fruits from the trees. You can collect fruits in a bucket with a single tap, you can slash the good or the bad ones straight from the tree, or you can slash them in a chronological order. In this last level, each fruit has a numerical correspondent and you can see how many you can slash in a chronological order in a predetermined time limit.

Too easy to be a challenge

However, if the first three modes were too hard to play, the last one is too easy for a grown-up and more suited for a kid. The biggest downside with this game is that it doesn't have a medium difficulty mode. The modes are either ridiculously difficult or ridiculously easy. There's no satisfaction in being able to slash 10% or less of the fruits falling from the tree, and no challenge to manually place the fruits from the tree into a bucket that you can't move. And it's a shame to see such great graphics go to waste.

In the end, Fruits Collector HD isn't an impossible or lousy game to play. But it isn't a great, addictive game either. Ironically, it's somewhere in the middle, although none of its modes has a difficulty level that's in the middle between hard and easy. But if you have a kid, the last mode of the game might turn it into a fun and addictive game, at least for one type of audience.

Fruits Collector HD is a game of extremes when you’re looking at the difficulty, and it’s also a game of extremes when it comes to users liking it. You’ll either love it or hate it. No middle way.


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Fruits Collector HD
Developer: AngryOrange
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

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3 / 5

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