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Ice Age 3D Pro iPhone App Review.

With Ice Age 3D Dawn of the Dinosaurs Scrat's Skate Park for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you take control of your favorite Ice Age character (Scrat or Sid) and skate the pre-historic half-pipe in a futile attempt to collect as many acorns or dinosaur eggs as possible. This one was a real brain twister, because our test team couldn't figure out if the game was still in development, whether they were playing the lite version or they couldn't get pass the first level. Yes, they collected a lot of acorns and dinosaur eggs. Yes they looked out for icy blocks in the half-pipe. So what else was there?

Well, not much else. Catch some air, do some cool tricks by spinning Scrat around on the skateboard. Your road to pre-historic nothingness will at times be blocked by icy boulders which you either have to avoid or smash through with Buck's sword, once you collect it.

Granted! The graphics and the sound effects are pretty awesome, rising up the overall score for this game. Those Ice Age series out there will surely appreciate the first couple of minutes of the game. But besides a nice environment and the opportunity to play around with Scrat as he desperately gets his acorns, there's not much point to the game. Rock your iPhone back, forth and sideways, but whichever way you rock it, you're still in the same half-pipe and maybe you get an acorn, maybe you don't.

Yes, we're looking forward to that movie as well. We really are! But perhaps a more developed game play, some more levels of play would make this iPhone game a target not only for the youngest of us, but also appeal to us elders that still love the Ice Ace and would simply adore to take control of our favorite movie characters.

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