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Evernote - Evernote

Evernote iPhone App Review.

The winning app that surpassed all organizers the mobile generation was given has entered over a year ago on the iPhone, with an incredible track record in the AppStore. With Evernote reaching out to iPhone users, it didn't take much for it to slide to the top and establish itself as the authority in productivity apps available in the AppStore.

Remember Everything. This is what the app promises and it does deliver. The team put at your disposal a desktop application, a browser plugin on top of the iPhone app, letting you capture anything from the web, daily travels, from written notes to recorded memos, from snapshots to clippings from the web. The app takes care of everything related to organizing the data and, on top of that, syncs everything between your iPhone, MAC or PC and the Web, so you're always organized whatever you're using and wherever you're using it. It's all automatically done for you, and, yes, it's free of charge.

After creating your free account with Evernote, you're up and running and well on your way to keeping track of everything and anything that's worth it. The app is designed so that it works best when you're taking advantage of all it has to offer, and especially the syncing it does automatically.

Forget about the old-fashioned pen and paper. Taking notes has never been easier. Text, Snapshot, Saved Photo and even Audio. Any of these options will let you create, name and categorize notes for future reference. Once you've finished up taking the note, it goes into pending and awaits syncing with your online account and then it gets pushed towards all the platforms you're using, for instant access everywhere. Any modification done on any of the machines will be reflected in all, and that's really the point of having the same app on more than one machine.

Browsing through notes is at the same time taken to a whole new level. Notes can be viewed in either list for or as thumbnails, making it incredibly easy to browse through and find exactly what you're looking for. A rich set of text editing tools such as font styles and paragraph styles complete a task management feature complete with check-boxes and to do lists.

notes can be viewed in either a list form (such as Mail, Journler, etc.) or as thumbnails. This can make notes a bit easier to browse through and recognize at a glance, especially if you're organizing a lot of images. A decent set of rich text editing tools are available for text notes (font selection, bold/italic/underline, text justification, etc.), and to-do checkboxes can be created for basic task management.

Had enough yet? Well, we didn't so we continued exploring and we were in for a treat. One of Evernote's most awesome features is its capability to recognize text in images and make it searchable. This is not done natively with every platform, but through the Evernote servers that do the heavy work for you after syncing up the app.

Going beyond the fun stuff, we're also looking at functionality and usability, where Evernote excels beyond any doubt. Its features for sharing, protecting, and accessing your information have proven to be must-haves and are quite simple to use and understand. To share a notebook with a friend and co-worker simply publish it online on your Evernote account. The app lets you encrypt selected portions in the text of a note, making it unreadable alongside plain text. It is not the same with images, which cannot be encrypted.

Bottom line is we couldn't have picked a better option for our needs while on the go, and since productivity is an important part of our lives, we've put Evernote everywhere we have to go, including on our iPhones. Thank you Evernote!



Developer: Evernote
Category: Productivity
Updated: November 12th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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