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iPhorest iPhone App Review.

After our Go Green review and while we're looking forward to the 1 pound mark for our weblog, we're keeping to our commitment to our planet and bringing you another interesting app from iPhactory, all sharing our green goal.

The San Francisco based company recently launched iPhorest, the iPhone and iPod Touch app that lets you play the virtual gardener. Dig the hole with a simple interface and very intuitive controls, get your seed and plant the seedling. When you shake your iPhone, you create rain and after the sun rises again, your tree begins to grow. The whole process takes six stages where you have to repeat this process to see a full-grown tree.

You can also zoom in and out from your forest until you get a globe-view of the planet from space, and from here you can spin the globe, zoom in certain areas, and watch as the globe is lit up by all the iPhorest users who have planted their very own virtual tree.

You're looking at a $4.99 price for this one, but once you get into the details for their steep price, you learn that iPhactory, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, will plant a real tree on your behalf, and the app price will cover those expenses. It is indeed an effort to be commended.

The real value of this iPhone app sits in what the developers and the team behind it do on your behalf, and the high price is justified not by the app graphics, controls and idea, which are all basic and simple, but by the effort that is put into creating a better environment for all.

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