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Paper Toss - Backflip Studios

Paper Toss iPhone App Review.

We all know those days at the office when every five minutes seem like an eternity and the clock handles don't seem to be moving in the right direction at the right speed. Well, be bored no more, because from Backflip Studios came one of the greatest time-wasters we've yet to see for the iPhone. With Paper Toss, you have to aim for the trash can with crumbled up paper, while taking the fan speed into account. It's a game we actually played at the office on a slow day, but the virtual version beats real life when no one has to play fetch and return the paper that rolls down on the floor.

The game is so much more than throwing a piece of paper in a trash can. You get to choose between three difficulty levels, which differ in the distance between you and the trash can. Take into account the airflow from the fan (positioned randomly either to your right or the left) and the gusts of wind of different intensity for every shot, and try to hit as many buckets as you can. The fan's power is displayed as an arrow showing you both the direction and the intensity of the shot, and letting you plan your shot accordingly.

The graphics are simply amazing and together with the ambient office sounds make it increasingly interesting and realistic. We got a real kick out of listening the complaints from the office mates when we missed the basket throwing the crumbled paper outside the screen area. Keeping score couldn't be simpler. One successful dunk is counted as a point, and for every miss, the score is reset and you start over, as you try to make as many consecutive successful throws as you can.

Paper Toss offers a truly amazing and hilarious experience right on your iPhone, not to mention you don't have to hide it from the boss. So if you're stuck in an office cubical, give this one a shot. You won't be disappointed. The game is available for free in the AppStore for a limited time.


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Paper Toss

Developer: Backflip Studios
Category: Games
Updated: December 16th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

4 / 5

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