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iDocs iPhone App Review.

For those of us who were raised with a Windows PC, some things are hard to let go, when getting an Apple device, even if Apple products have all these shiny tools than can replace and actually work better than anything Windows can offer. But for people used to writing Word Documents all their life, the feeling of turning to another writing tool is a bit weird. And that's when apps like iDocs come in handy. For those of us who aren't yet ready to give up Word Documents. And more.

What is iDocs

iDocs makes writing feel like it did when you had Word installed. But that's far from being its only functionality. From converting any file to PDFs to being able to synchronize and keep all your files in one place, iDocs is the tool to have when dealing with a lot of documents.

Create and easily modify all sort of documents

With iDocs, you can easily create Word and Text documents. Add new Folders and Zip files. Import all sorts of files, and convert them all, from pictures to text documents, into PDF files. And once you have your PDF files all together, that's where the magic begins.

iDocs allows you to make any sort of modification to your PDF files, without having to use any other app. Insert pictures, draw graphics using all sorts of colors, sign documents, handwrite or insert text boxes. And more. Your PDF files have never been easier to manage, and looked better than now.

As good as Beleela's iFile Download Manager

iDocs is also a great file manager, having Dropbox incorporated. Plus, following a couple of steps, you can also connect your Internet browser to iDocs, making bookmarks easier to manage, as well. And, once you take your time to also go though the 11 page Tutorial, you will uncover all the secrets behind iDocs.

It looks like the creators have done a really good job with this app, helping keep all your documents in one place, and making it easier to modify them. And since iDocs is pretty similar to the previous app reviewed for the Beleela company, iFile Download Manager, my objections also stay the same. I would have liked iDocs, as well, to be more intuitive. Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting should have been made easier to use. And integrating your Internet Browser is still not that easy to do, either. It seems that the similarities to the complexity of Microsoft Word came bundled in to iDocs.

The app did crash a couple of times which goes to show that it's in active development. That's nothing to be sorry about, crashes are easily fixed. Keep in mind though that one thing is naturally wrong with editing Word documents on your iPhone. It will just feel wrong, cluncky, not intuitive and well, just plain weird. Unless you're in a hurry on the road, stick to editing these documents on your desktop.

Other than that, iDocs is a pretty cool app. Definitely worth it's price.


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Developer: Beleela
Category: Productivity
Version reviewed: 5.6
Price: $0.99

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3 / 5

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