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Qello Brings The Concert To You

Posted by Maria Poeana
Qello - Qello

Qello iPhone App Review.

You can say you really feel a song, when you're at a concert. And when the band plays your favorite song, it's absolutely magical. The crowd singing along. And the band giving their best to make you all feel the vibe. Too bad you can't go to your favorite bands' concerts every day. But this doesn't mean you can't see, hear and relive every day the feeling their concerts gave you. All you need is Qello. And you can find it in the App Store.

What is Qello

Qello is the ultimate app to enjoy almost any concert you can think of. No matter the genre, the band or when the concert took place, Qello has a huge concert database. Just download it from the App Store, sign up for Qello, and enjoy your favorite concerts today.

With Qello, you can discover all sorts of cool concerts, while exploring the Featured, New Released or Top Watched list. You can look up your favorite artists and bands to see which ones of their concerts Qello has in store. Plus discover all their albums and singles you can purchase from iTunes.

10 different decades, 30 channels, and more

Qello guides you through 10 different decades, from the 1920's to the current trends in music. It offers you 30 different channels to choose from, including any music genre you can imagine, plus documentaries and unauthorized biographies. And that's not all. Qello also brings you the hottest info regarding the videos in its database. And it also recommends based on the concerts you already watched on Qello.

Subscribe to get the most of Qello

Qello is free to download, but not completely free to make the most of it. As a free user, you can watch one or two videos per concert. All the videos featured in the Qello TV Section of the app. A couple of songs from the Setlists. And read all the articles Inside the Q Section. You can explore and share anything. But, bottom line, you can't watch whole concerts.

To do this, you have to pay $4,99 a month. The good news is you can sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial first. But be careful, because if you have the auto-renew option turned on in your iTunes account settings, your subscription will automatically be renewed after the trial is over. So, remember to turn it off, if you're not looking to renew your subscription.

A must-have app

Long story short, Qello is a very cool app. It looks amazing, and it's really great you can create your own Setlist and watch your favorite concerts anytime. As long as you pay your subscription and have a wi-fi connection available, you're good to go.


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Developer: Qello
Category: Music
Version reviewed: 1.5
Price: FREE

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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One Bite to “Qello Brings The Concert To You”

  1. Jenkins says:

    Horrible customer service. Really, not good. I've paid them $7.99, twice, and each time hit an issue that took them 72+ hours to resolve, and had no access in the meantime. They offered no apology, no credit, and they actually told me “system issue, won't fix” because of their integration with their billing provider (and implied it was actually my issue, as their payer). I offered proof that I'd paid, and was “out” $7.99 each time. They fooled me twice. Now, I'm gone for good. Their helpdesk is deplorable. Neat idea, very poor support.

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