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Ultimate Stick Fight - Dragon Nest Studio

Ultimate Stick Fight iPhone Game Review.

Like me, you've probably had your share of arcade games. The thrill of those side-scrollers, bashing buttons left and right. Ah, I get all rattled up just talking about it. But if you don't know what I'm talking about, then Ultimate Stick Fight is one of the best ways to get a feel for the old days right on your iPhone!

How to play

Playing Ultimate Stick Fight is as easy as it gets. Your left thumb controls the movement left and right. Your right will perform combos via punching, kicking and jumping. To throw something else into the mix, you can also pick up objects (like a dumpster) and throw it at your enemies for instant kills. That's it. Move left and right, punch, kick, jump and throw.

Throw in 2 characters to choose from, one more badass than the other, 40 different levels to complete, 8 incredibly cool environments and a bunch of stick figurines to bash and kick and you've got yourself a couple good hours of play time. While the story itself is nothing special, just your tired ol' boring city is doomed - time to be the hero, Ultimate Stick Fight is not about the immersive storyline. It's about fighting off 6 dudes at the same time without breaking a sweat.

Combos and upgrades

Each of the two characters, Ryan and Slash, while they are basically controlled in the same way in the beginning, they will start to feel different as you progress and get a chance to upgrade their skills. While I think Slash is more badass, yes the bandana, machete and guns certainly helped, both of them will do the job well if you pay attention to the combos and not just bash your iPhone screen without thinking. Each character has three combos to start with and they can be upgraded throughout the game using coins. You can earn coins by beating up the bad guys and performing ass-kicking combos. Throwing objects at your enemies will yeld even more coins. As you progress, you can unlock more combos, which, in turn, can be upgraded for maximum efficiency.

Don't be intimidated by the high number of levels or the combos and upgrades system. Each level is compact and can be easily completed in 1-2 minutes.

Nothing will beat a game that lets you throw a dumpster at your enemies, nor one that will let you string together built-in combos to bash their heads in. You've got 3 difficulty levels if you think easy is not enough, and with the great graphics and slick animations, Ultimate Stick Fight is an absolute must-have for any arcade fan!


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Ultimate Stick Fight
Developer: Dragon Nest Studio
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.4
Price: $0.99

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4.5 / 5

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