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Pudding Monsters: A Must Have Game

Posted by Maria Poeana
Pudding Monsters - ZeptoLab UK Limited

Pudding Monsters iPhone Game Review.

I come across addictive games all the time. But I always find the strength to stop playing, write a review, and carry on playing afterwards. This wasn't the case with Pudding Monsters. Thank God I didn't have enough battery left on my iPhone to play the whole game, or else I wouldn't be here, writing this review. I'd probably still be playing Pudding Monsters like a maniac.

Pudding Monsters is your regular puzzle game. The goal: create one gigantic pudding monster by sticking every piece of pudding on the board to one another. The idea of the game is pretty simple. So is the game play. So are the controls. So is the goal. But not so much for the game. In fact, Pudding Monsters is pretty strategical.

How to play

For each level in Pudding Monsters, you have to move your puddings around the board and stick them to each other. When you've stuck all the puddings to each other, the level ends. You move a pudding by sliding it in the direction you want it to go. The only catch is that if there's no obstacle in its path, like another pudding or some type of block, your pudding will slide off the screen and it's game over. So you need to make use of both the obstacles and the existing puddings to make sure that you stick everything together nicely.

The game is divided onto stages and each stage has 25 levels of increasing difficulty.

What is so great about Pudding Monsters

What I loved most about Pudding Monsters is that it's one of those rare games with a perfect difficulty level. It puts your mind at work, but doesn't drive you crazy. Plus, you can also purchase hints to help you clear the levels that get you really stuck. The game is made up of 5 stages so far, each one made up of 25 extremely addictive levels. And if, at first, you only have a couple of puddings on the board, and absolutely no obstacle in reaching your goal, step by step, everything changes.

Stick all types of funny looking puddings

There will not only be more puddings on the board, but also more types of puddings. Green, sticky puddings. Purple puddings that all move at the same time. Blue, sleepy puddings that can't be moved until you stick another pudding to them. And more. Plus, there are also all sorts of objects to use to your advantage to make sure that when you move a pudding, it doesn't fall off the board. Because, the thing with these puddings is that if they don't find an obstacle or another piece of pudding on their way, they will inevitably fall off the board, and you have to start the level all over again.

Collect stars

And there are also stars to collect. There are 3 stars on the board per level, and, ideally, your monster should sit on all three of them at the end of the level. It's not a must for clearing the level. Sticking all pieces of pudding to one another is enough to move on to the next level. But, the following stages can only be unlocked if you collect a certain number of stars. Nobody is asking for perfection here, but if you could collect at least 2 stars per level, you won't have any problem unlocking the stages. And you can always replay whatever level you want to improve your score.

And enjoy the best game of the week

I feel there are still more things to say about this game, and I've forgotten all about them. But, frankly, I can't wait to finish here and play some more. That's how addictive Pudding Monsters is. How cool the graphics are. How great the game play is. How amazing everything about Pudding Monsters is. And it's absolutely free. Guess there's no wonder it's the game of the week.


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Pudding Monsters
Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.2
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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