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For most of us, the App Store is all about Games, Books, Entertainment, Social Networking, some Utility apps, plus Travel and Food, when you're planning a trip or a night out. I really don't know if any of my friends have any Reference apps on their devices. And to my shame, I must admit for a long time I didn't even know there was a Reference category in the AppStore. If only I knew about these apps when I had to write my Dissertation Paper. Researching would have been so much easier.

There are a lot of interesting Reference apps. From search engines to all sorts of dictionaries, guides, and an extremely cool family tree app, I found everything here extremely useful. But what caught my eye was a dictionary. Imagine that! Something so ordinary as a dictionary. Except there's nothing ordinary about Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad.


What I liked most about is that it's nothing like the old, dusty book I used when I was a student. is more of an interactive encyclopedia than a dictionary. Everything you touch on the screen takes you some place new. Search for a word and discover more than just a couple of definitions. Tap on a word inside the definition and find out all about it. And the same stands with the synonyms suggests for every word you look up. Just tap on one of them, and find out more about it.

Fun also tells you everything about the origin of the word, and suggests other words you can find out more about every day. For example, got me hooked at first sight with a simple question: do you know where asparagus comes from? From asparagus I went to bacon, then to barbecue, and all the way to pajamas and pterodactyl. Plus, there are also other fun sections like Word Of The Day, Hot Word, and another two suggesting trending words, and even the most popular words searched by people nearby your current location.

Easy to use

And there's still more. Instead of typing the word you are looking for, you can say it. Just a tap on the microphone icon at the top of the screen and say tour word. You can add whatever word you like to favorites. Share it via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Listen to its pronunciation. And with just $1.99 you are also shown sentences for every word you look up, with every one of its different meanings.

Long story short, I really loved what the creators of did with this app. How they turned an ordinary tool into something exciting. Because this dictionary is not just something you'll use every time you need to look up a word. lures you into using it on a daily basis, if only just to discover the word or the question of the day.


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Developer:, LLC
Category: Reference
Version reviewed: 2.5
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