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Flip your world Upside Down

Posted by AppBite Team
Upside Down - White Birds Productions

Upside Down iPhone App Review.

A steady hand, a carefully thought-out strategy and perfect timing are the sole requirements to complete a rather different sort of puzzle game. Upside Down gives you full control over the action and however you want to play it. If at first glance, Upside Down is just your average maze-type game, the combination of tilt-controls and touch-screen will astound and give you a rather unique experience with a simple game that will flip your world upside down.

The game is set in the future, in outer-space, and it seems that your character, Bob the junk collector, has awakened an evil alien from his intergalactic slumber. Your task is to find Bob's way out of the space station and onto safety and protection from the evil creature. To save Bob, you have to guide him through the 60 levels of increasing intergalactic difficulty, and you'll be required to act quickly making split-second decisions.

The controls are clear and simple. Touching the left and right arrows at the two opposite sides of the screen will make Bob move one square left or right. Moving up or down is solved by gravity, or rather the lack thereof. Simply tilt the iPhone to make Bob move in that direction. Combining these two moves would be painless should there not be any dangers to keep Bob from getting to the exit of every stage. The game features a complex series of outer-space objects, both static and moving that you have to stir clear off. Death-beams, electric walls, razors, moving blocks and even saws will try to send Bob to its makers ahead of time.

Each stage will have an exit portal that Bob needs to reach to teleport himself to safety in the next stage. And, each stage will have a record number of moves to reach that exit that you can attempt to beat.

Something important to note about the controls however is the option you get of choosing between pivoting either your iPhone or the screen to move Bob around. While pivoting the iPhone itself will work nicely, in-game controls for pivoting the screen may seem a little unusual at first, but give it time to get used to the motions.

With Upside Down, the only problem you'll encounter is figuring out which way is which. Be prepared to tilt your iPhone, tap its sides, plan you next move and generally stay sharp if you want Bob to survive. With danger lurking at every corridor, getting Bob out is not an easy task, but the game promises hours of enjoyment, so we're ready to take on the challenge if you are. Upside Down is available in the App Store for $0.99 and it also features a light version with the first couple of levels.


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Upside Down

Developer: White Birds Productions
Category: Games
Released: July 15th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

4 / 5

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