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Get out and about with AroundMe

Posted by AppBite Team
AroundMe - Tweakersoft

AroundMe iPhone App Review.

If you're always on the road, on a business trip or just around the block, then the AroundMe iPhone app can help you find the nearest anything that is around you, from bars and restaurants, hotels, gas stations, entertainment local attractions such as theaters and cinemas, or your nearest local Apple Retailer. The iphone app is free to download from the Appstore.

AroundMe uses the GPS location feature from your iPhone to figure out your current location and then extracts from Google's business listings those closest to you. The problem, if you can call it that, is that the businesses are self-submitted by their owners, so local listings will depend on whether the local owners around you have submitted their business to Google. The good news is each business comes complete with contact info, so you can schedule ahead of time, make reservations or inquiries.

You have a multitude of options to search exactly what sparks your interest, or needs, from banks, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and taxis. Oh yeah, the nearest local Apple retailer is also listed, top of the list actually. After selecting the company name, the iPhone will query the database and show a wealth of contact info on the next pop-up screen. You can tap the phone number to directly dial the business, show on map and even show route, to show you the exact route for how to get there, with pretty accurate distance information. Obviously, this iPhone app makes use of the device's built in Google Maps function.

AroundMe is completely integrated into the iPhone. You can save phone numbers directly to your Contacts, add locations to your Favorites, email or bookmark the establishment and its location, or share it with a friend. Even the graphics blend well with the iPhone's interface, the maps come through crystal-clear, directions are well defined, all in all a user interface that is both clean and appealing.

It's free and a must-have app for every iPhone and iPod Touch user. AroundMe is one of the most useful apps to be released from the Appstore, so start searching and exploring your surroundings. We guarantee you won't go hungry, thirsty, get bored or have no place to sleep, or even get lost, with the wealth of information this iPhone app has for you.


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Developer: TweakerSoft
Category: Lifestyle
Updated: December 3rd, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

4 / 5

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2 Bites to “Get out and about with AroundMe”

  1. EF Hutton says:

    AroundMe is a definite help….BUT…AroundMe will often take you to places of business that have gone dark for over a YEAR! Grrr ! If in doubt, BEFORE you begin that journey across town, tap the red pin marker and CALL the place.

  2. I like this blog sites, thanks for the info.

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