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Take the BrainTeaser challenge

Posted by AppBite Team
Brain Teaser - brain teaser

BrainTeaser iPhone App Review.

A regular puzzle mania hit our test team when they downloaded from the Appstore Uwe Meier's BrainTeaser iPhone app. BrainTeaser definitely challenges you, and if you were looking for a fun and relaxing iPhone game, you can forget it.

The concept behind the game is simple enough for a toddler to understand. Tap one square on the iPhone, and it will flip changing its color and the color for all its neighboring squares. Your goal is to recreate the pattern BrainTeaser shows you in the bottom-left corner of your iPhone before the time expires.

The solutions to the puzzles are not as simple though.Think of it as playing chess, where you would think a couple of moves ahead of your opponent. With BrainTeaser, you are your only opponent, so you have to think ahead of how the pattern will look like 2-3 moves ahead for the harder puzzles on the higher levels and plan your strategy accordingly. The update gives users the option to disable the time-race, but your scores will not be added to the Hall of Fame.

The game is not for casual players I would say. BrainTeaser requires all your brainpower, all your patience and please don't hit the iPhone if you couldn't get past level 3. Don't rely on luck, better yet put that sharp brain of yours to the test and accept the BrainTeaser challenge.

No, you don't have to be a regular Einstein or a rocket scientist to solve the puzzles. We've heard other users complain some of the puzzles were unsolvable. While we haven't finished the game yet, we managed to solve the puzzles up to level 8. As I'm writing this review, the test team next door is struggling with that level. We've actually had a blast here at appbite with solving every puzzle. This is one iPhone app you won't regret having downloaded. Be aware though, it is very addictive and sometimes annoying, but I guess that's why they call it a teaser.

BrainTeaser is a pretty awesome game, even though extremely time-consuming and addictive, as you can't put the iPhone down until you solve at least one more puzzle. It kept us awake for the most part of last night, but the juice was worth the squeeze.

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