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LightboxHD - MC-Connection

LightboxHD iPad App Review.

LightboxHD is an App designed for creative people to show off their talents.  Using the large iPad screen designers can easily demonstrate to clients before & after shots showing how their work will transform the subject.

One of the hardest things when reviewing a specialty application is figuring out what a professional might be looking for and the learning curve needed to understand the App.  LightboxHD is very easy to get up and running, the help screen are among the best we have ever seen.  Are you a Photoshop wiz who needs to show off their work ?  this might be the app for you.  LightboxHD is targeted at anyone who works with images, suitable for cosmetic surgeons, creative artists, photographers, retouchers, art directors.

LightboxHD allows you to present someone a set of options the separator mode sliding back and forth between images, do fade in/out effects and isolate sections off the image in a way a simple slide show program can not.

Main Features include

  • Separators slide back and forth between images
  • A variety of modes including Blend, Split screen, Side by Side & Single image
  • Ability to swivel the separator with thumb and finger to any angle
  • Change the color of the background, divider, transparency
  • Isolate section of an image and fade out the background to highlight your work
  • Notes can be added to any of the images with a simple double tap
  • VGA output planned in iOS v4.2

There is a video of the features in action (no sound), the Vimeo one is higher quality than the YouTube posting.

  • LightboxHD Video screen shots


  • Presents images in a professional manner
  • Easy to use interface
  • 15+ Help screens that are a work of design in themselves, very impressive.


  • Dragging the first photo in takes a little getting used to, you have to hold for 1/2 a second then drag
  • Switching modes brings in the previously used images rather than the current set you are working on


  • LightboxHD iPad App screenshot
  • LightboxHD iPad App screenshot
  • LightboxHD iPad App screenshot


Developer: MC-Connection
Category: Photography
Released: November 6th, 2010
Price: $5.99

Our Rating
4 / 5

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