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MECHers - Scott Golby

MECHers iPhone Game Review.

Checkers is one of the best known and most played board games ever invented. Your great grandparents played it, your grandparents, your mother and father, and probably even you played Checkers at least once in your life. But how about taking the old, classic game to a new level? What if, instead of the regular Checkers pieces, there were actual robots fighting each other? This is no SF scenario. It's MECHers.

What is MECHers

Simply put, MECHers is Checkers with robots. The rules are the same as with regular Checkers. The game keeps the same simple, and yet attractive game play. But, playing with robots brings another twist to the game that makes it more fun, more exciting, and definitely more action packed.

MECHers is basically still a board game with 24 pieces that can only be moved diagonally through the dark colored squares. But, MECHers can be comfortably played anywhere, anytime, without having to carry an actual board around. The 3D universe feels more natural than the 2D board game you're used to playing on. It has this stellar background that kind of sets you in a SciFi frame of mind. And with the robots on the board, you really feel like you're not even playing Checkers anymore, but witnessing a true intergalactic war. And that's when the fun begins.

Robots actually fighting each other

There are two teams made up of 12 robots each. One is made up of blue robots, the other is made up of red ones. And you control the blue ones. That is if you opt for a single player game. If you choose a multi player, you can compete against a friend using the same device, and you can be the commander of the evil red robots, and let your friend play with the blue ones this time.

When the battle starts, your goal is to eliminate your adversary's robots. And here comes the greatest part about this game. Because, when you eliminate another robot, it doesn't just disappear from the board. Your robot actually shoots down the opponent. The fights are filled with special visual and graphics effects, resulting in an awesome action-packed experience, where you'll actually be looking for the kill. But don't let that hurt your game strategy!

Initially, robots can only move forwards, but when you reach the end of the board on your opponent's side, the robot earns a crown and it can now move anywhere across the board, as long as it follows the basic checkers rules. It can only move diagonally and it can't move to a space already occupied by another bot.

Even better than the original

MECHers, same as Checkers, is a great brain teaser. It makes you calculate your next move, while taking into consideration your opponent's options for his next move. It's smart. It's fun. It's got everything good that Checkers has. But it makes the experience even better with these robots. The core of the game play is still its strategic angle. Like with any good strategy game, the idea is to feed the enemy pieces and keep him in the dark about your actual intentions. Strike at the right moment for the ultimate kill!

MECHers isn't just another redesign of a classic game. It looks and feels so natural as if MECHers was the original version and not the other way around. So, let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if, years from now, MECHers would be at least just as popular as Checkers is today.

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Developer: Golby Systems LLC
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.13
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