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Angry Birds: iPhone App Review.

Angry Birds iTunes

Beware, these angry birds may well make you angry! Well, only if you get as frustrated at your lack of ability to accurately launch little birdies into blocks and pigs. Simple concept: launch different types of birds, with different characteristics, into structures with the aim of destroying the pigs.
Five levels, each with many sub-levels, makes this a game one that will keep those easily addicted occupied for a while and one you can keep coming back to for a quick hit.

Flight Control -iphone-app-review

Flight Control iPhone App Review.

Flight Control iTunes

Addictive? Certainly. Worth 99c? Absolutely. Objective? To land as many planes/helicopters as possible without any two crashing. One of those very simply apps that takes little to grasp the fundamental concept and works with that concept increasing in difficulty over time – but not difficulty in game control or by getting more technical, simply by flying in more planes.
Five airfields to choose from gives a nice variety when one airfield won’t give up its high score. And when the initial addiction has worn off, this is one of those that you’ll keep coming back to from time to time, just to see if you can beat that high score


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Angry Birds

Flight Control

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