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Words on Tour

If you ever wondered how a word-forming game could be just as fun when you play it on your own, as it is when you’re playing against friends, then you should definitely take a look at Words on Tour.

Ups: Words on Tour is a level-based, word-forming game. And I find that to be really, really cool. Because, first of all, you have the incentive to try and earn as many points you need to clear each level. Then, you have all sorts of quests to keep you going. Like clearing a certain number of tiles, discovering the hidden phrase, trying to find the words you can form using all the tiles on a certain row, and so on.

There is always some new quest to complete, which makes the game extremely exciting, and also challenging. Especially since you have a limited number of moves you can use to clear each level. And, depending on the goal of the level, you almost always have to focus on more than just scoring as many points as you can. But you have all sorts of power-ups, and clues to make your job easier. And when you add Facebook, nice graphics, and extremely intuitive controls to the list, then you know you’re talking about yet another Zynga hit game.

Downs: I can’t think of any flaws, besides the ones every Zynga game has got. Like the fact that, at some point, you’ll end up playing a level on, and on, because the goals will get harder and harder to complete. So, it will eventually become way more time consuming than it was at first, and so on. But I don’t know if I would call these flaws, but rather game characteristics. If a game’s difficulty level wouldn’t increase, then where would be the challenge in that? And the people over at Zynga sure know just how much to spice things up to make a game difficult enough to be challenging, and rewarding enough to keep you going.

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WWE Immortals

PvP battle-based games are probably one of the most violent games out there, but also the ones that keep the player the most focused on the game. Not only because they are so action packed, but also because every move the character makes is the result of a move the player makes. You need to be fast, constant, and a bit of strategical thinking is also required. It feels like an actual fight, except no one really gets hurt. And that’s exactly what playing WWE Immortals feels like.

Ups: WWE Immortals is a pure adrenalin, PvP game. It’s got real cool graphics. The controls are really intuitive. And the player’s main task is to focus on the fight. Of course, you also earn coins after each fight, that you can save to buy Booster Packs, more Characters, and Talent Cards. You can also sell the cards you already have to get more coins. You make your team of fighters and decide when to use each fighter. So, there’s also a bit of management involved.

But, basically, your main focus is on the fight. Draw punches, use special moves, block the opponent’s attack, and when the adrenalin bar is full, unleash a special attack. And the coolest part about these special attack is not only that you know when to unleash it by checking out when your adrenalin bar is full. But you can also see when your opponent’s adrenalin bar is full, so you can easily decide when to be more careful, block rather than attack, because you know his special attack move is imminent.

Downs: I think the only thing I wasn’t particularly impressed with were some of the controls. They are intuitive, there’s no doubt about it. But I would have liked it if more powerful attacks rather than basic ones were controlled with a single tap on the opponent. Because, let’s face it: when you have a more powerful attack you can use at any time, who would rather use a basic one? And I find swiping to be a bit less user-friendly than tapping. Now, this is probably a matter of taste. So, I think the perfect solution would be if the player could choose which control to be linked to which move.

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If you’re good at Maths, or want to improve your basic Maths skills, then 1+2=3 might just be the game for you. But bare in mind: it will make your head spin.

Ups: 1+2=3 will really put your mind at work. The exercises are pretty basic, but it’s all a rush, so you need to think fast. The graphics are simple, but fun. Especially the cute character that pops out at the end of every game. Although it’s making fun of you, because you weren’t fast enough, or gave the wrong answer, it’s not annoying. I think it’s too cute to be annoying. Or maybe I wasn’t annoyed enough to hate him.

Downs: The game is really, really fast. It’s not fast, and absurd like Flappy Bird, or other similar games. But it’s really fast. So, if you’re not really good at Maths, or if your mind doesn’t work really, really fast, you probably won’t score more than 10-20 points. And that can easily turn into frustration, and not wanting to play the game anymore. Now, I’m not saying the pace should necessarily be slower, or the exercises easier. But being able to choose a game pace, or a difficulty level would probably make the game more enjoyable.

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