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Diner Dash

When I started my Facebook account, I remember that for a week or so, I lived and breathed Facebook. And Diner Dash was one of the the reasons…besides all sorts of personality tests, pages to like, videos to watch, people to add, and so on. So, I must admit I was pretty excited to come across the newest Diner Dash version in the App Store.

Ups: Diner Dash is a really engaging game. You literally have no time to waste. For those of you who have a previous waiting experience, Diner Dash almost feels like the real thing. You need to sit people at the table, take their orders, deliver their orders, take the bills, clean the tables. All this as fast as you can, because there are already people waiting to be seated. And it’s more than just waiting. Because in Diner Dash, you are also the manager. So, you need to buy stuff to make your job easier, attract more clients, and make the whole experience more pleasant for the clients. It’s work, work, work. And it’s just the dose of adrenalin you need every day.

Downs: It’s work, work, work. And you might end up playing Diner Dash more than you should. Diner Dash is not a game to be played during a quick break. Because, although one level doesn’t take you that much to complete, once you’re hooked, it’s really hard to stop playing. Diner Dash is not a game to be played while doing other stuff. Once you start the level, the clients keep coming, their orders keep popping up, you need to be fast, and you need to focus all your attention on the game. So, Diner Dash feels, indeed, like a full-time job. But a pretty fun, and rewarding one.

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New Words With Friends

If you love Scrabble, then you probably already have Words with Friends on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or on all of them just to be sure you can play whenever, wherever. So, in case you don’t know by now, you’d better take a trip to the App Store today. Because the New Words With Friends is free, and up for grabs.

Ups: The rules are the same: New Words with Friends is still Words With Friends, and still a form of Scrabble, but way more improved, more modern, more user friendly…just better! The design is a lot better. You don’t have the old, crowded screen you had with Words with Friends. Everything is better structured. You have a Game Page, a Leaderboard page, Profile page, and a Game Option page. It’s easy to go from one page to another, and find what you’re looking for.

There are also new game options. Now, you don’t necessarily need to play the game against an opponent. In Solo Play Mode, you can practice and improve your skills. Also, besides being able to play against your Facebook friends, another user, or a random opponent, in Community Match, you search for opponents by location and gender. And another nice touch to New Words With Friends is the Word of the Day section. Learn a new word every day! More user oriented, social network friendly, smarter…this is the New (and improved) Words With Friends game.

Downs: Unfortunately, logging in to New Words With Friends was a really annoying experience. I almost gave up on the game. If you still have the old version of the game, than it’s pretty easy. When you turn on the old version, it lets you know about the new one, and if you have it installed, the transfer is a piece of cake. But if you don’t, that’s when the hassle begins.

I tried logging in with Facebook, both on my iPad, and iPhone. It didn’t work. Even if you are logged in, it says you aren’t, and asks you to log in again. And when I did, it gave me some sort of error, and didn’t work. So, I tried with my email address. On the iPad, it was yet another mess. It sent me some code on my email to reset the password. While on my iPhone, I only needed to add my email address, and that was it. I could finally play the game. Maybe there was a problem with the server at that time, or with my devices. I don’t know. Whatever it was, being able to play New Words With Friends was an even bigger challenge than the game itself.

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Daddy Long Legs

I really tried to like Daddy Long Legs. I mean, having almost a 5 star rating with more than 7000 reviews is impressive to say the least. But I couldn’t. I guess it must be a good game with all the ratings, so it was no way to overlook it. Although, why so many people enjoy this game is impossible for me to understand.

Ups: Daddy Long Legs is something new. Among endless runners, Candy Crush replicas, and building and collecting games, Daddy Long Legs feels fresh. You have this furry, long-legged creature, and your goal is to take it, using his ginormous feet, as far as you can. The game design is simple, yet affective. The rules, and the gameplay are really easy to follow. The controls are pretty basic: Daddy Long Legs is a one tap sort of game. Tap once for Daddy Long Legs to move one leg, again for the other, and so on. Sounds like an easy, nice, and pretty cool game to play, right? So, what’s wrong with it?

Downs: Daddy Long Legs is that sort of game that feels impossible to play. Like Swing Copters, Snappy Bird, and other similar games. Only that the graphics are better. And it doesn’t look that dumb. But when you start playing, it can absolutely drive you out of your mind. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make more than two steps. And the game was designed to do just that: make you sweat for every step you take. Actually, you can find this statement on the App Store Game Page: “Daddy Long Legs is for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh”. Guess, I’m a gamer who neither likes a hard challenge, nor a cheap laugh. Are you?

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