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Let’s Catch Some Jellies!

Posted by Maria Poeana
Jellies - Aleksei Kalinin

Jellies iPhone Game Review.

While Bob the Fisherman traverses the high seas with his Slice of Life (nice touch for all of you Dexter fans out there) boat, a terrible accident occurs. When he puts his hand in the water, three vicious jellies rip off his fingers. Poor Bob! How will he ever be able to fish again? Well, only with your help, of course.

Your job? Catch as many Jellies as you can. For every thousand jellies or more you catch, Bob the Fisherman gets one finger back. Plus, you get coins you can use to buy all sorts of cool power-ups. And rank higher in Game Center. That’s the story. And this is your incentive. Now, let’s see what you really have to do.

How to catch them

You catch Jellies by linking three or more with a line. The only rule is that they have to be of the same color. So, when you’re trying to connect red jellies, you need to pay attention to trace your line from one red jelly to another, without crossing over any other colored jelly. You can, however, catch another colored jelly in the middle of a square or some other rectangular form made by connecting same colored jellies in this shape. And, of course, you also get more points for this.

The more jellies you connect in a row, the more points you get. You also get points for clearing missions. Or by catching inside a jelly formed square a special sort of jelly, called a disco jelly. Now, that will really put your jellies into a crazy disco frenzy. And substantially increase the number of points you get when the jellies are in this state.

3 Fun Modes

Jellies! can be played in Single, Endless and Multiplayer Mode. In Single Mode, you have 60 seconds to catch as many jellies as you can. You get 3 extra seconds for every 100 jellies you catch. Plus, you can use time and power boosters to increase your chances for a high score. In Multiplayer Mode, the rules are the same, only that you play against a real opponent, and your goal is not only to get a high score, but the highest in this competition.

The Endless Mode is all about connecting jellies just for the fun of it. The game imposes no time limit on you. So the only time limit you have is the one you impose on yourself. Also, the Endless Mode is not completely free of charge to play. You can either purchase it, or get it for free as soon as two of your Facebook friends start playing the game, after receiving an invitation from you.

Really nice, organised graphics

I really liked the graphics of the game. They’re really intuitive, and clean. Nothing is crowded, and you can easily find the modes, where to buy the power-ups, your progress, your game play windows…everything. It’s really well thought, organised and designed.

Totally free of charge this week

As far as the actual game is concerned, I wasn’t really mind-blown. The game is cute. The story and the characters are really nice. Jellies! is easy enough to let you enjoy the game, without pulling your hairs out. But, somehow, I didn’t find it as engaging as I would have expected it to be. It didn’t get me hooked. So, I probably won’t end up playing Jellies! for hours, but I probably will end up playing it during lunch breaks, or in the bus, going back home. I don’t think I would have paid to play it. But since it’s App of the Week in the App Store, so it's totally free of charge, I think giving it a try can only be a win.


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Developer: Aleksei Kalinin
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 2.3
Price: Free

Our Rating

4 / 5

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