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Picture Hangman - Tringio, LLC

Picture Hangman iPhone Game Review.

How long has it been since you last played Hangman? I know, there are so many games that are way more fun and challenging than good old Hangman. But what if it has something new to bring to the table? Something that will give you a new perspective on the game. What if, instead of words, you'd play with something else. Picture Hangman has got a suggestion for you. And starting today, you can find it in the AppStore.

What is Picture Hangman

Picture Hangman is a fun game, that works on the same principle as the classic Hangman, but instead of trying to find the missing letters to form the right word, you have to find the missing parts to make up a drawing. After 5 strikes, you're out, and you have to start creating the image all over again. So, if a good vocabulary would have been a great help while playing classic Hangman, for Picture Hangman, you'll have to put your visual skills to work.

Picture Hangman comes with 3 difficulty levels. The more difficult you select the game to be, the more pieces you'll have to find to make up the right image. When the game starts, you are given only one element of the image, and the rest you'll have to choose from the camera roll at the bottom of the screen. When you think you found a missing piece, just double tap on it or swipe it on the board. If you're right, then the missing part will instantly find its place on the board. If not, you're 4 strikes away from starting this level all over again.

Get the highest score & share it with your friends

As you play and gain confidence, the images also get more complicated, and you'll need to discover more parts to complete the puzzle. The faster you find all the missing parts, and the less strikes you get, the more points you earn. When you get a really good score, you can share it with your friends after clearing the level, or you can compare scores with other people playing Picture Hangman, by accessing Game Center. Also, you can invite your Facebook friends to download the game, and challenge them to beat your scores.

Childhood reminder

As expected, Picture Hangman also has a very fun design. From the main menu to the actual images that you have to form, it all looks as it has been sketched with a piece of chalk on the pavement. This makes it even more similar to the initial Hangman, that you must have played at least once, in the park, with only a piece of chalk and a group of friends that were struggling to figure out what word you wrote on the pavement. But if the sketches make it too hard to figure out the image you have to form, Picture Hangman helps you by suggesting to look for patterns, forms and shapes that are similar to the one you have on the board, when the game starts. And, when you get the hang of it and manage to make up all the images that the game has to offer, there's no need to worry. You can purchase 50 more images with a single tap.

The only thing that Picture Hangman is missing is some type of structure. If you make up one image after another, it's clear that the game gets harder to play, since there are more pieces that form the image. But if you stop playing, close the app, and restart after some time, you'll get an image as easy to form as the one you began with. Don't get me wrong, it's not the same image that you started the game with, and if you want more of a challenge, you can change the difficulty level. But I think that if the game was structured on levels, it would be easier to pick the game up where you left it, and it would give it a sense of continuity.

The great part about these types of games is not necessarily the gameplay, but the fact that it offers a twist to a classic game. So, besides the joy of being able to play a childhood game on your iPhone, Picture Hangman also offers that satisfaction of discovering a new way to enjoy it.


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Picture Hangman
Developer: Tringio, LLC
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0
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