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Train Titans Challenges Your Mind

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Train Titans - Sad Cat Software

Train Titans iPhone Game Review.

Are you looking for a game that is more than just a fun time waster? Then, you should hurry up and check out Train Titans at the AppStore. Whether you used to be fascinated by trains when you were a child, you still have an entire train collection, or you just see trains as a safe, fast way to reach your destination, Train Titans is a game that can challenge any mind.

How does it work

Train Titans is a game to challenge your mind to the extreme. You have to build railroads to get trains to their destination, but it’s no easy feat. Each train has a different color, the same as the station where it has to arrive. The problem is how to make it arrive safely to its destination, preventing it from crashing with other trains that you simultaneously have to guide to their destination. So, to build a proper railroad, you'll have to do a little more than just slide your finger on the screen from one point to another. Because Train Titans is all about focus, strategy and a lot of logic.

When starting to play Train Titans, you can choose just how much of a challenge you want it to be. If you've played these types of games before, or you are just so passionate about trains that you feel that guiding them is in your blood, then you can set the game right from to start to be Difficult. However, the game also requires a great deal of concentration for Easy and Normal difficulty. So, don't think that if you choose an easy start it's going to be a children's game. You might actually be surprised to see that Easy is not nearly as easy as you would have expected it to be.

Single Game and Puzzles

Once you chose your difficulty level, it's time to guide some trains. There are 6 different trains that you'll meet along the way, and 2 ways to take care of them. If you choose the Puzzles Mode, there are 28 levels to go through, each one more difficult than the other. With each level, you'll have to get more trains to their destination, and building the railroad will get more complicated. But you'll also learn how to use railroad switches, tele-porters and traffic lights to prevent the trains from crashing. Also, if at first, your railroad can be built wherever, as you clear levels, the landscape will not be so friendly anymore. There will be mountains and rivers that block your train from going any further. But, fortunately, you can build tunnels through some mountains and bridges over some rivers. The rest, you’ll just have to avoid.

The same principle applies for the Single Mode as well. But here, there are no levels to go through. And, if in Puzzles Mode, the trains don't start moving until you tap on the Start button, here they are set in motion once you build the first railroad track. Also, while in Puzzles Mode, most of the times there is only one train leaving the station towards another, here you'll see differently colored trains constantly leaving the same station. So, you have to move fast, and constantly be prepared to build another railroad or use the switches and change the traffic lights to prevent the trains from crashing. At times, it might feel less challenging than the Puzzles Mode, because once you build good railroads, all you have to do is observe if there are any modifications that should be done. But when a new station pops out on the screen, and five trains start moving at the same time from different locations, you’ll have your hands full.

To better understand Train Titans, you should know that it is exactly the type of game that Sheldon Cooper, Phd. would play. If you're a fan of Big Bang Theory, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, then, before purchasing Train Titans, you should be prepared for a mind challenge that will keep you thinking about how to build your next railroad, long after you stopped playing.

Train Titans is available as a universal download from the AppStore.


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Train Titans
Developer: Sad Cat Software
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.01
Price: $1.99

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4.5 / 5

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