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Puzzle Man Pro - Ferran Tebe

Puzzle Man Pro iPhone Game Review.

You are never too old for puzzles. It's just that type of game that you can enjoy when you are little and you find out that you can make a castle with just a couple of bricks. It's the type of game that you enjoy when you call your friends over for a drink and try to figure out how to turn 100 puzzle pieces into an image of Iron Man or the Statue of Liberty. It's the game that you play with your grandchildren when you are old. And now, it's the game that you can play on your iPhone and iPad if you download Puzzle Man Pro.

What is Puzzle Man Pro?

Puzzle Man Pro is the app that lets you enjoy creating 6 images in the free version and over 50 images out of puzzle pieces in the full download. And the great thing is that it has most of the features that real puzzles have. For example, if you love puzzles and are very good at mixing the pieces together, you will probably buy a complex-at-least-100-piece puzzle. Well, the same applies to Puzzle Man Pro, only that you have all the puzzles, with different difficulty levels, in one place.

You have 4 difficulty levels (with only the first three playable in the free version) and with every level, the number of puzzle pieces increases and their size gets smaller. Also, just like the puzzles in the store, with Puzzle Man Pro you have to rotate the pieces or else you won't be able to make them go together. You can zoom in and out with regular pinch gestures as well.

In the free version (the full is available as an inapp purchase for $0.99), you get to play 2 puzzles from each of the first three difficulty levels. You unlock the next puzzle as you complete the previous. In the full version, you of course have all the puzzles to play for all difficulty levels and you can also create puzzles out of your own images. Neat huh?

More than the classical puzzle game

In a way, Puzzle Man Pro is harder than a real puzzle. If with a real puzzle, you can spread the pieces all over the room to better visualize each one of them, in this case, they are spread on a small surface, especially if you are playing on your iPhone. And that makes it harder to search for certain pieces, especially when you have half of the puzzle completed and you have to squeeze it on the same surface where the other pieces are. Also, you don't have the final image in front of you at all time. You can look at it as many times as you want during the game, but you have to exit and return to the board every time. The game auto saves with each exit, but you still need a pretty good visual memory.

But Puzzle Man Pro also includes features that makes it better than real puzzles. The most obvious is that you can't lose any of the puzzle pieces, as it often happens with real puzzles, when you spread the pieces all over the room. But what is even nicer is that when you put a piece of puzzle in the right place, it will permanently stick to its location. It's a nice little touch that is more of a helping hand than anything else. Puzzle Man Pro also keeps track of time for you, so you always know how fast you were.

All in all, playing Puzzle Man Pro is a little like reading books on the iPad. It feels like the real thing, it includes more features and it's actually cheaper that buying actual books or puzzles, it's easier to use and, whether you are a fan of technology or not, you will probably end up using it more often than the real deal.

For those of you that have searched for Puzzle Man Pro in the AppStore, you might have found several versions of it, four to be exact. They are all by the same developer, and they're all, in essence, puzzle games. It's the same gameplay and some features will set one apart from the other.


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Puzzle Man Pro
Developer: Ferran Tebe
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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