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Real Steel iPhone Game Review.

A couple of years ago, Real Steel, the movie, was a pretty big hit when it was released. And judging by the number of downloads, Real Steel, the game, is not far behind. So, if you’re not one of the 10 million who’ve already downloaded and played Real Steel, then this week it’s the perfect time to give it a shot. Especially since Real Steel is the App of the Week, so it’s totally free of charge.

Feel like part of the movie by playing the game

Real Steel follows the plot of the movie, so it’s all about robots fighting against robots, in the biggest steel on steel challenge so far. But here, you’re not just a simple spectator. You get to be quite an important part of the fight. Pick a robot, train it, and help i beat up all the adversaries in the arena. You can be the next Real Steel Master!

Real Steel gives you multiple options to enjoy the game more. You can buy the parts to build your own robot, or choose your favorite already built robot from the Store, and buy it. There’s no limit to how many robots you can have. All you need is money. Real money. Because everything in Real Steel, from the basic robots and robot packs to boosts, and arenas, can be yours through in-app purchases.

Multiple modes

This doesn’t mean you can’t play the game for free. That is, of course, if you download it this week. You can take part in Challenges with a predesignated robot, and earn gold stars, depending on how many quests you clear per fight. You can go on Tournaments to win even more stars. Here, you get to choose the robot you want to play with, and complete battle after battle in various tiers, like Gold, Heavyweights and Hard-Hitters. Play the Survival mode with a robot of your choosing, and win as many fights in a row as you can to unlock robot parts that you can later buy using stars, instead of real cash. Train a robot of your choosing in fights against any robot you want by trying out the Free Sparring mode. And create your custom team of robots to start a fight against a random team of robots in Tag Team mode.

Intuitive controls

The controls of Real Steel are really intuitive. Even if the game has no Tutorial, you won’t have any problem learning how to control the robot within seconds after starting the game. Plus, besides the basic punch moves, you have a couple of special moves you can use. It’s a bit tricky, because you have to use them at a certain time, so if you tap on another button, you miss your chance. But when you gain more experience, and start coordinating your moves better, you’ll also discover how cool the special moves are.

Buy or earn what you need to make your robot champion

What I didn’t like about Real Steel, at first sight, was that it looked like you needed to buy everything. So I wasn’t feeling any incentive to win fights, or play the game at all. Why collect stars if they are useless anyway? But after exploring the game a bit, I find it quite reasonable, since you can also unlock certain items, and ultimately create your dream robot by buying parts using the stars you earn. Even if it takes longer, and it’s a lot harder than just buying them with real cash, you have, nonetheless, the option to earn them.

However, I find it a bit much to pay for the game, and then start paying to buy the robots, or the boosts. I am all for in-app purchases, but as far as what the game offers without any in-app purchases, I think it would be more fair if it were free of charge to download. After all, the design is pretty basic. The gameplay isn’t mind-blowing. And Real Steel doesn’t yet include a Multiplayer mode. Which would be a pretty nice option, considering the type of game Real Steel is.

Free to download this week only

Long story short, I probably wouldn’t normally buy Real Steel. I don’t think it’s got yet all it takes to be worth the download money, and all the in-app purchases. But this is even more of a reason to give it a shot this week, when it’s, at least, free to download.


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Real Steel
Developer: Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd
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