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September’s Top Free Games

Posted by Maria Poeana

September was quite a busy month, I'd say. The school year started all over the world. Huge TV show hits, like Dexter and Breaking Bad, came to an end. Plus, let's not forget the gaming world sensation of the month which was GTA V. It was on everybody's lips way before it was released. And when it got out on the market, it proved to be an even bigger hit than expected. But although GTA V hasn't reached the App Store yet, there were quite a few great games released this month for your Apple devices, as well.

FIFA 14 icon

FIFA 14 by EA Sports

By far, the biggest App Store hit in September was the release of FIFA 14 by EA Sports. FIFA is an iconic game not only for soccer fans, but mainly for gamers all around the world, there's no doubt about it. And with every new release, it just gets better. The controls are easier to use. The graphics are finer. The players, more and more real-life-like. As for the gameplay, how cool is it to be able to control soccer icons, score goals and win one match after another?

I have been playing FIFA on a Playstation for some time now, and, frankly, I like it better on the iPad. I find the controls for FIFA so simple that really your only goal is to keep your eyes on the ball. Also, FIFA 14 offers you 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players to choose from and create your own personalized team. Win games, earn coins, and buy better players to turn your team into the ultimate soccer team. Take part in the daily challenges. And put your skills to an even bigger test by competing against online friends. Plus, you can also enjoy the Manager, Tournament and Kick Off experiences through in-app purchases. All other features are completely free of charge, so you can start enjoying the FIFA 14 experience today!

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Sonic Dash icon

Sonic Dash

The endless running mania is far from coming to an end. Sonic Dash is living proof. And for all SEGA fans, Sonic Dash might just be the endless running game of the year. In the meantime, one thing's for sure: with its great graphics, simple controls and engaging game play, Sonic Dash has definitely earned its spot in our chart.

Sonic Dash is your classical endless running game. The goal is the same as with all endless running games: run as much as you can without getting hurt. But here, our furry, already iconic friend called Sonic, has a reputation to maintain. So, while you'll have to avoid obstacles, you'll also have to get ready to literally roll Sonic over all sorts of enemies. The more coins you collect, and enemies you destroy, the more boosts you can buy. Complete missions and win amazing prizes. Challenge your friends. And get your game better and better as you either play with Sonic, or one of his other friends that are up for grabs. Exciting, engaging, and totally addictive. This is Sonic Dash.

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Candy Blast Mania icon

Candy Blast Mania

Amazingly enough, Candy Crush Saga is still one of the biggest hits in the App Store. But what's even more amazing is that other similar games can still find their way up in the App Store charts. Like Candy Blast Mania, which looks to me exactly like Candy Crush Saga, but, somehow, it managed to be one of the best rated, most downloaded games this previous month.

The goal is the same as with Candy Crush Saga: match three or more pieces of candy. The controls are also the same. And you are only allowed a certain number of moves per level. The trick is that instead of having to reach a certain score per level, with Candy Blast Mania you have to complete certain tasks per level that regularely reffer to collecting a certain number of similar candy pieces. Other than that, Candy Blast Mania will take you through 100 levels, each one harder to clear than the other. You can challenge your Facebook friends. Earn boosts. And what makes the game even cooler is that you can also try the Battle Mode, where you get to stun the evil Gummy Bear King with big matches before he gloops up your candy. No wonder it's so addictive.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Foodimal Frenzy icon

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Foodimal Frenzy

And since we're on the topic of addictive puzzle games, Clody with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Foodimal Frenzy perfectly fits the description. It's somewhat similar to all these candy matching and collecting games. But here, you'll have to deal with cute food-animal experimental creatures called foodimals.

Your goal is to match as many foodimals as you can before your time runs out. And since you can match these foodimals horizontally, vertically, diagonally, pretty much any way you can think of, the game looks pretty simple. At first. Because it's really easy to complete the tasks you are given per level. But it's way harder to complete these levels with a perfect score. And since you need to achieve a certain number of stars to go from one stage to another, the game might prove more difficult than you'd expect it to be. But the challenge only makes it more engaging. Plus, there are all sorts of boosts and fun collectables to earn. So, there's a good chance you won't even realize when you got all tangled up in this game.

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Mini Golf Match Up icon

Mini Golf Match Up

Last, but not least, a very fun game we came across this previous month was Mini Golf Match Up. It's a multiplayer, as expected, so you'll need someone to compete against. But no need to worry: there are always online players waiting for a good game. Plus, you can also challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends. And the best part about Mini Golf Match Up is that you are not restricted to a single game. You can challenge as many players as you like to multiple games.

And it gets better. Mini Golf Match Up is a casual game you can play whenever and for as much time as you like. You can start the first round now, and continue with the second one whenever you have another couple of minutes to spare. The downside is that if you're in the mood to play a complete match now, you can't go through all rounds at once if your opponent doesn't have the time to do so. But can always start new games. And chances are, there will always be an opponent to match your schedule. Oh, and I can't believe I missed the most important part: Mini Golf Match Up is no regular mini golf game. Besides trying to score a hole in one, or, at least, try to make as few moves as possible to score, there are also all sorts of gems and other cool stuff to collect on the way. This doesn't only help you to improve your score, but it also makes the game a whole lot of fun!

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