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Shake Up Your Mind - Albino Pixel Limited

Shake Up Your Mind iPhone App Review.

The dishes are piled up in the sink, the dog needs to be taken out for a walk, and the washing machine is filled with dirty clothes. You're too tired to do everything on your own and when you ask one of your roommates to help, they complain that you always ask them. But don't lose hope. You no longer have to spend all night fighting with your roommates, because Shake Up Your Mind lets your iPhone do the choosing and one thing’s for sure, it doesn’t take any sides.

How does Shake Up Your Mind work

Shake Up Your Mind is the app that decides who should do the house chores that nobody wants to. Just turn on the app, add your roommates on the list, pick a chore that has to be done, select at least two persons who are eligible to do it, and let Shake Up Your Mind make the decision. No one can blame you now that you've got something against them, since all you did was shake the device, and the rest was just up to the app.

Once a person is picked for the chore, you can make the decision public via Twitter or Facebook. This way, you're roommate can't say that he didn’t know that it was his turn to wash the dishes, or that he forgot.

You can add as many chores as you like, and personalize them. You can use codes, that only you and your roommates know, or you can add a picture to better illustrate the task. And if you use nicknames for one another, or two of your roommates have the same name, you can also add pictures to their profile, along with their Twitter account.

Shake Up Your Mind randomly picks who gets to do the chores today and also registers that selection in the Stats section. So, next time a roommate says that it's always his turn to do the chores, show him the Stats, with the number of chores that each of you has been picked for.

Shake Up Your Mind is a great app that uses a fun design. It's easy to use and a real time saver when it comes to making choices. And, until an app that does the chores for you is released, ask Shake Up Your Mind to decide who should cook or water the plants today without taking any sides.


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Shake Up Your Mind!
Developer: Albino Pixel Limited
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.21
Price: $0.99

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3.5 / 5

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