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Tiny Flashlight iPhone App Review.

Remember when you were little and your mom used to turn off the lights to force you go to bed? Well, I bet that you never listened and most of the time, you wound up falling asleep with your flashlight on, reading your favorite magazines. And although you're all grown up now, there are still some situations when you can't control the lights from being turned off, whether it's a blackout or your roommate decides to leave you in the dark, because he wants to sleep. And now, the closest store where you can find a Tiny Flashlight is the AppStore.

What’s Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight can light your way anytime, since it is always in your pocket. And the great thing is that it doesn't need any special room to fit inside your pocket, because, now, it's part of your iPhone. So, whenever you find yourself in the dark, there's no need to feel lost and helpless. Just grab your iPhone and let Tiny Flashlight guide you through the darkness.

More Than a Regular Flashlight

And to spice things up a little, Tiny Flashlight offers you five different types of lanterns. Choose the classical one when you just need the light, or choose the Light Bulb when you want to adjust the intensity of the light. If you're looking for light and color at the same time, Light Bulb also does the trick, but there's also a mode that's specifically created for this task.

Or maybe you just want to have fun with your flashlight. If that's the case, then turn on the Police Light. It might not be as convincing as the actual thing, since it doesn't come along with a siren, but you will end up seeing red and blue dots on the wall, if you stare too much at it. And, in case you want to send a signal, you can use the Warning Lights mode, instead of moving your hand back and forth in front of the flashlight.

All in all, Tiny Flashlight is nothing that we've haven’t seen before. But it's that type of app that you wished you had, when the unexpected happens and there's a blackout or you go camping in the woods and forget to pack a real flashlight. And what other flashlight is free and always there when you need it, without taking up any additional space?


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Tiny Flashlight
Developer: Discussion Works
Category: Utilities
Version reviewed: 2.1
Price: FREE

Our Rating

2.5 / 5

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