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Space Qube - Owen Wu

Space Qube iPhone Game Review.

If you grew up with arcade games, then you have to remember Space Invaders. I think it’s one of the most iconic arcade games of my childhood. And, although, it now looks like you were shooting pixels at pixel-groups, with your pixel-made ship, you probably spent days, months, and years playing Space Invaders. And now, you can play it on your modern Apple device. Totally free of charge this week, since Space Qube is App of The Week in the App Store.

How it works

Space Qube is Space Invaders with a bit more color, and clarity. The Retro design was kept, so you’re still shooting, more or less, pixels, at pixels, using pixels. But now, since there is a larger color variety, and a more complex background, it feels a bit more like you’re commanding a ship, shooting at all sorts of aliens. Plus, now, you also have all sorts of bosses to destroy, a special control to avoid obstacles, and power-ups to shoot collect, and buy.

Hard to focus, complicated to control

On the one hand, I can’t say I’m particularly impressed with Space Qube. Not only because I’m not a big fan of the Retro design, but I found the controls to also be a bit counterintuitive. Especially moving your ship using the gyroscope option. You can, however, change the tilt option with the tap option. But first impressions don’t fade away so quick, so, playing the game using the gyroscope option, at first, didn’t leave me with such a good impression.

Plus, in this world of pixelated items, it’s hard to discern what’s what, what you have to collect, and what to avoid. The original game had the same Retro design, that’s true. But there, you only had the aliens, and the ship on your screen, so it was pretty simple to know what’s what, and a lot easier to control the ship using buttons, or a joystick, depending on what device you were playing.

Build your own ship, and use it

On the other hand, Space Qube brings up some pretty interesting gameplay options. What I liked most is that you can create your own ship, use it in the game, and earn rewards. I think that’s an even bigger incentive to play the game than the gameplay itself. And the coolest part is yet to come. If you have a 3D printer, you can also bring all of your creations to life. Plus, share your work with all of your friends, and the Space Qube community, of course.

Collect cubes to buy cool things

Another cool thing about Space Qube is that it brings a sense of purpose to the entire game. So, you don’t just play for the fun of it, while trying to collect as many cubes as you can. The cubes you collect help you unlock other ships, and buy all sorts of cool stuff. And besides being able to collect cubes while playing, you can also buy cube packs. Or win cubes by liking the game on Facebook, or following the game account on Twitter.

Would I pay to play Space Qube? Probably not. Although it brings up some pretty cool features, I’d choose the classic version any time. Maybe, I’m just being nostalgic. But I think simple and clean is always better than overcrowded. Anyway, the good part is this week you can download it totally free of charge. So, you can give your own verdict. All you need to spend is just a little bit of time.


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Space Qube
Developer: Owen Wu
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.3.1
Price: Free

Our Rating

3 / 5

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