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Star Wars Card Trader - The Topps Company, Inc.

Star Wars Card Trader iPhone Game Review.

When we were kids, long before touch-screen devices were one of our main sources of entertainment, all we needed to have fun was a piece of chalk, and a sidewalk to draw on. A simple board game, and a dice. An elastic string to jump up and down. Cards, stickers, and stamps to collect and trade. So, if I were to describe Star Wars: Card Trader using just one word, this would be childhood. Because that’s exactly what this app reminded me of: childhood. And I totally loved it!

How it works

Star Wars: Card Trader is exactly what you’d expect it to be, judging by its name: an app that brings card collecting and trading to your touch-screen device. And not just any cards. But Star War Cards. Weather you choose to join the Jedi Force, or go to the Dark Side, Star Wars: Card Trader has over 1,000 officially-licensed Star Wars digital cards for you to collect, and trade.

The currency you use to get this cards is Credit. You start the game with a couple thousand credits you can use to buy all the cards you wish to have. When you’re out of Credits, buy some more through in-app purchases. Earn Credits by watching sponsored videos. Or trade the cards you don’t need to get the ones you want from other players.

Star Wars: Card Trader is not just a cool time-waster, but also a really fun social experience. The app puts you in touch with Star Wars Fans from all over the world, that you can talk to, and trade cards with. There are periodical updates to keep you informed about the latest card buying, and trading offers. Plus, daily free packs. And the Cantina is always one tap away; the place where all the Star Wars Cards you ever dreamed of having are up for grabs. Win rewards, make new friends, and complete your Star Wars card collection more and more every day.

What could be improved

However, although I really appreciated the idea and overall functionality of the app, there were some things that might need a bit of improvement for Star Wars: Card Trader to get as close to perfection as one app can. Little things, like the Tutorial. I found it very useful that it takes the player through every step of the trading process. But I would have like it if it were a bit more complex, and take the player through all the options of the app to avoid that “what now” feeling I, personally, got once the Tutorial was over.

Also, the controls could be more touch-screen friendly, so to say. When completing the Tutorial, and Sign In Process, I think that a simple swipe or tap on the screen would make for nicer controls than tapping on a Next, or Back button. And choosing a username can also be quite annoying. Truth be told, choosing a good username is almost always annoying, because it seems there’s always someone who has though of that username before you did. That’s why I think the user experience would be improved if you’d be told right after choosing the username if it is available or not, instead of finding that out when you reach the last page of the Form. Then, you have to go back to change it, then again to the last page of the Form, and so on. I found this back, and forth movement to be quite annoying.

Quite a cool app for Star Wars fans

But, all in all, despite its little flaws, Star Wars: Card Trader offers quite a nice user-experience. It’s fun, easy to use, and brings back all those fond childhood memories.


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Star Wars Card Trader
Developer: The Topps Company, Inc.
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0.1
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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