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Find Your Way To SuperPower Greatness

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
SuperPower - IPANDA LAB

SuperPower World At War iPhone Game Review.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games seem to be on everybody's lips right now. But if you're like me, coming from the PC era of Red Alert, you shriek at the thought of FarmVille and anything as boring as planting, harvesting, cutting trees, serving coffee or the likes. We crave for action, world domination, fighting and a game that won't involve pretty pink colors.

In short, this is what SuperPower World at War is all about. Pick a nation. Build troops. Raise defenses. Attack. Defend. Conquer. Become a Super Power. The game is free to download and is optimized for the iPhone.

How to play SuperPower World at War

Your first task in the game is to pick a nation to fly its banner. Each nation will have its strengths, some will have air superioerity, others a taste for the sea, others will rely on ground units to become a super power. No matter which nation you choose, you'll face the same challenges.

Like with other MMO games, in SuperPower World at War, you're constrained by a variety of factors and you always need to weigh your actions in order to achieve the maximum result possible. You have a maximum amount of energy that you can spend before you need to take a break and wait for it to replenish. When it comes to attacking others, you only have a handful of attacks at your disposal, so pick your battles.

Perhaps one of the most important resources in the game is money. Both energy and ammo will replenish at specific intervals. Money on the other hand is the only resource you need to be actively trying to get more of. It's also the currency for raising buildings, deploying units or healing your troops.

Thankfully, you start with a rather big bank roll, so you can afford to build a couple of units, raise a few buildings and get ready to attack others. But before you start getting medieval on others, take some time to complete a few steps to get you ahead of the competition.

Get more experience

As you advance in levels, you'll be able to build more types of units and raise different buildings. There are a few ways to advance in levels. The easiest and risk free method to gain experience is to complete missions. These missions all have a set of requirements, but most rely on having the necessary energy to get them done. There is virtually no risk of failing at a mission. If you have the energy, you can safely complete it and receive experience.

The missions are basically an easy way to exchange energy for experience. You have quite a few to master, and each mission will need to be completed a couple of times in order to master. Once you've mastered all the missions, you advance in rank and you need to complete all missions again.

It's a repetitive process, but like I said, it's just a method of exchanging your energy for experience.

Build some units

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight! In short, before attacking, make sure you deploy a few units to do the fighiting for you. A couple of soldiers will do the job wonderfully in the beginning, but you should always aim to build units that have a high attack multiplier, but who also have defensive skills.

You can choose from Infantry, Ground, Air, Sea or Nuclear units. Of course, in your first few levels, only the Infantry units are available. Don't worry. Just build up as many Infantry units as you can afford.

Build some buildings

One of the ways to make some money is to raise some buildings. Each will give you a set amount of money every however many hours. Apart from making you money, each building will also have an extra purpose, like providing some defense in case of an attack.


Onto the fun part. Going over to the Battle section of the game, you'll see a list of players arranged by their current levels. Naturally, you should try to attack players with a lesser level than your own. But you can usually do some decent damage to higher level players as well.

Attacking, and winning, is another way of making money. On each attack, you get a piece of the player's money. But you also gain valuable experience.

Presumably, you can also form alliances with other players, but I haven't tried this yet.

My number one tip

Always be depositing money in your bank. Don't leave money in your pocket or risk losing a lot of it when being attacked. So before exiting the app, presumably when you don't have any more energy to spend, take a second and deposit the money in the bank.

As a bonus tip. Never stop deploying units. Spend as much money as you have, don't let it pile up. It's not earning any interest for you. Instead, put it to work and never keep more than a few hundred thousand in your bank. Deploy units in the hundreds. Raise buildings and generally spend like there's no tomorrow.

The game screens are a bit complex, giving you the impression that there are so many things you need to pay attention to. But to put it quite easy: watch your energy and your money and always spend both.

Good luck soldier! See you on the battle field!


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SuperPower World At War
Developer: IPANDA LAB
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.2
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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