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Free Music Download Pro + iPhone App Review.

If purchasing music from iTunes got old and using your computer to download free songs and transferring them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch got tiresome, have a closer look at Free Music Donwload Pro +, the iOS app which will essentially take out the middle man in the process of downloading that free music onto your iPhone.

That's right! Forget about using your computer's browser to get your daily dose of free downloads and then transferring those songs onto your iDevice. With Free Music Download Pro, you can just as well use the app's built in browser to download those same songs right onto your device.

How it works

The process is as simple as it is painless. Open up the app and use the built in web browser to navigate to the websites that allow you to download their music, videos or tunes. Once you locate the tunes you want to download, tap the download button and the app will begin downloading.

Once the download process has completed, you'll see your songs in the Files section. You can play it right from that screen by tapping on it and selecting Play.

In fact, Free Music Downloads Pro comes with a three step process, with each step corresponding to one major section of the app. The built-in browser is the first of these.

The downloaded files

You've met the browser. Now meet the Files tab. All your downloaded files will be listed here once they have completed downloading. You'll be able to play them from this screen, or even add them to a playlist. The app even comes with a file manager built in, that includes folders, moving, renaming or deleting files and basic search and sorting.

The player

Besides the built-in browser, the player is the second most important part of Free Music Download Pro. It will let you organize your music/videos into playlists, apart from a full-featured player, featuring an equalizer and fine scrubbing.

Considering the app will even generate video thumbnails and album cover art automatically, will even let you play songs from your iTunes collection and also allow you to transfer your downloaded songs via WiFi to your computer, Free Music Download Pro + is the app to have around to complete your musical discovery experience on your iPhone. Even if the app is far from a design masterpiece, it does what it was intended for.

The app comes with a free version as well as the paid app for 99 cents.


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free music download pro +

Free Music Download Pro +
Developer: Apps2Be
Category: Music
Version reviewed: 2.2
Price: $0.99

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4 / 5

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