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The 2012 London Olympic Games In Apps

Posted by Maria Poeana

The Olympic Games are, by far, one one of the most anticipated events of this year. And they are finally here. But whether you're already in London, still packing, or enjoying The Games at home, there are a couple of apps that can make the event even more enjoyable. From quizzes that put your Olympics knowledge to the test to true guides that keep you updated with the most recent results, competitions and also attractions in London, here are 5 apps that will help you enjoy The Olympics to the fullest.


London 2012: Official Join In App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games

If you didn't get to plan your trip to London yet, or you find yourself with a couple of hours to spare during your stay in London, The Official Join In App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games is all you need to make your trip to London as fruitful as possible. Although, at first, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information the app provides, you'll soon realize just how helpful it is. Select a date from the calendar, and see all the activities you can do in London. Or, better yet, filter the results by the activities you're most interested in, the time of day and distance.

Check out all sorts of attractions on the map, pin your location, and easily share it with your friends via Facebook, Email or a text message to help them find you. Stay updated with the latest info regarding The Olympic Games, by checking out the Buzz section of the app, where you can read news, Facebook and Twitter feeds, watch videos on YouTube, and photos. And if you still feel in need of getting even more information about the event, take a look at the app's Guide to find out all there is to know about ceremonies, torch relays, road events, tickets, and much more.

Download London 2012: Official Join In App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games now


London 2012: Official Results App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games

Now, if you decide to watch The Games at home, or you're unable to attend all the competitions, The Official Results App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games will keep you posted with the latest news and results.

Check out the Calendar to see all the competitions taking place this week, and the time to watch them. If you're not in London, be careful to change the Time Zone, using the app's Settings Option. Are you more interested in diving, or maybe gymnastics or cycling? Just pick up the sport you are most interested in, and find out all there is to know about this year's competitions: news, venues, dates and times. Every time you find a competition that you really don't want to miss, easily set a reminder with a single tap on the clock icon near the event name. Find out more about your favorite participants at The Olympics, and, the most important part of all: always stay updated with their results.

Download London 2012: Official Results App for The Olympic and Paralympic Games now


Reuters Olympics London 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words, and probably even more when it comes to The Olympic Games. And now you can enjoy all these professional shots, taken during The 2012 Olympic Games, with Reuters Olympics London 2012 app. Watch entire slide shows, live every day of the competition through beautifully taken pictures, or just choose your favorite sport to see all the pictures taken during these competitions. Find out more about the picture, the photographer, and easily share your favorite pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and see who else shared these pictures and what they thought about them. Plus, you can check out the latest results with this app as well, and also find out about the most impressive records established ever since the beginning of The Olympic Games.

Download Reuters Olympics London 2012 now


Olympic History - 100Q Quiz

Once you found out all there is to know about this years' Olympic Games, as well as the past competitions, it's time to put your knowledge to the test. With no more, no less than 100 questions, the Olympic History app will help you find out just how much you know about The Olympic Games. The questions regard all areas concerning The Olympic Games, you have 4 answers to choose from, of which only one is correct, and you can set the time you need to answer between 20 to 40 seconds. And yes, it's easy to cheat if you're a fast Googler, or you press Pause after reading every question. But if you really want to know where you stand, why bother cheating? Either way, one thing's for sure: you'll end up knowing a lot about The Olympics after taking this quiz.

Download Olympic History - 100Q Quiz now


Olympic Athlete Quotes

At this point, you have your schedule for the next 2 weeks all set up, shared a couple of pictures with your friends, found out more about The Olympics, and put your knowledge to the, what else is there left for you to do? Well, you could unwind a bit during the competition breaks with the Olympic Athlete Quotes app. For starters, you can enjoy the Lite version at no charge, and if you really like it, you can download the full version as well. The goal of the app is simple: to get you closer to the athletes by reading their words, and make you laugh by reading all sorts of fun facts regarding The Olympics.

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Guess you're all set for The Olympics now. So, take a seat, and let The Games begin!

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