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The Olympic Games are one of those events that literally keep the entire world watching. No matter where you're from, there's a team representing your country. And no matter how interested we are in all the results and challenges at The Olympics, we get even more involved when our country's team is facing the challenge. And now, you can be constantly updated with your country's team evolution, even if you're not at the Olympics or in front of the TV. From Australia to Canada, from Slovenia to the U.S.A, here are 7 apps that proudly represent their country's team at The Olympics.


Australian Olympic Team London 2012

If you're cheering for Australia at The 2012 Olympic Games, this is the only app you need to know all there is to know about your favorite team at all time:

  • get the latest news straight from the Australian Olympic Committee
  • enjoy your team's greatest moments through beautifully taken pictures
  • find out the dates and times when your team is competing
  • get push notifications every time your team wins a medal, or check out all the medals they have gathered so far this year
  • know your team's athletes, by checking out their profile cards and schedules

Download Australian Olympic Team London 2012 now


Canada Cheers

Canada isn't just the land of maple syrup and hockey. This year, it's one of the countries that has come to give its best at The 2012 Olympic Games. And Canada Cheers is just the app to keep your eyes on your favorite team at all times:

  • read the latest news brought to you right from the team itself
  • get buzzed every time your team wins a medal, and spread the joy on Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • enjoy beautiful pictures and constantly updated info about your favorite athletes
  • and don't forget to cheer

Download Canada Cheers 2012 now


2012 Team U.S.A Road to London Olympics

Wanna know what your U.S.A team is doing at all times? Well, get this app, and follow them all the way to London:

  • check out the latest news concerning your favorite sport or athlete, brought to you by the United States Olympic Committee
  • find out who has made the team
  • get in touch with your favorite athletes by reading their bios, watching their photos and videos, and also by sending them personal messages on Facebook and Twitter
  • show your support by making a donation to your favorite team

Download 2012 Team U.S.A Road to London Olympics now


Olympic Team Austria

If this year, your heart is beating faster whenever team Austria hits the screen, then here's how this app can help you get closer to your favorite team:

  • hit the News button to see what your team has been up to
  • watch the latest pictures and self-produced podcasts to feel like you're part of the team
  • meet your country's athletes through their profiles, competition schedules and results
  • find out more about the competition venues in London

Download Olympic Team Austria now


Olympic Council of Ireland

For all of you Irish supporters out there, the Olympic Council of Ireland app is a must have app this following weeks:

  • get alerted every time a piece of news comes up, or enjoy the latest info in your own time
  • keep a close watch on your favorite team through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • see what your favorite athletes like, what makes them fit for The Olympics, and their results

Download Olympic Council of Ireland now


LOH 2012M

If you're a fan of the Czech Team, then the only app you need to download to stay constantly updated with your team's evolution is LOH 2012:

  • read all about it in the News section
  • know the dates, times and results for your team's competitions
  • Maps make finding the competition venues as easy as it gets
  • get all the info you need about the Czech House in London

Download LOH 2012 now


Team Slovenia

Slovenia has its own share of passionate supporters this year. And if you're one of them, check out how this app can help you stay in touch with your favorite team:

  • make sure you don't miss any of your team's competitions by checking out their complete schedule
  • find out more about your favorite athletes, by checking out their bios, photos, and reading the latest news
  • get all the information you need to get around London
  • always know your team's results, even when you miss a competition

Download Team Slovenia now

So there you have it. Now you can always be up to date with your national team’s progress at the olympics in London 2012. Did we miss the app for your country? Let us know in the comments!

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