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The Drowning - Mobage, Inc.

The Drowning iPhone Game Review.

It looks like post-apocalyptic scenarios are not just movie directors' favorite these days, but game creators, as well, took a liking to the theme. From walking dead freaks to all sorts of scary looking creatures, you'll find yourself in a hell of a rush when playing this type of games. The Drowning is one of these games. And it's quite a hit in the App Store, so far.

You know all those creatures you were afraid they were hiding under your bed at night, when you were a kid? Well, The Drowning has all sorts of freaky creatures to give you a proper nightmare after a night of gaming. But a nightmare isn't the only thing The Drowning has to offer.

Catchy story, freaky mutants

The Drowning has a catchy story at its core. In this post-apocalyptic scenario, your job is to shoot down all sorts of mutants that were brought to life from the bottom of the sea, as a result of some major oil spill. And although your primary targets still bare a sort of human shape, and are not that hard to kill, the bosses you'll encounter along the way will require a little more than a couple of bullets to be destroyed. And there's nothing human left in them. That, I can assure you.

Feels more like arcade than story mode

Although The Drowning is story based, the gameplay is more arcade than story mode. So, you might be wondering what's the point in shooting all these creatures if it leads you nowhere. And the thing is that even if you don't control your character from one place to another, while collecting items and shooting bad guys on the way, all these things happen in The Drowning as well. But you choose from the different backgrounds the game has to offer, instead of coming across them. And you don't actually look for items and collect them. But depending on how many mutants you kill in every location, you get certain items at the end.

Different than what you'd expect, but definitely catchy

It's true, once you get passed the amazing graphics, you might be a bit disappointed, especially since you have to wait a bit for the game to be downloaded and installed. But once you shoot a couple of mutants, you'll be hooked. Plus, all the items you collect help you build all sorts of cool guns and vehicles to help you unlock more cool locations on the map, and be prepared for tougher enemies. Because, as your strength increases, so does your opponent's. And there are also the vile bosses to take into consideration.

Either way, The Drowning is definitely a rush. From the freaky looking mutants to the cool settings, the intuitive controls and the catchy gameplay, I'm looking forward to playing The Drowning some more, and see what else it has in store for the horror-loving creature in me.


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The Drowning
Developer: Mobage, Inc.
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.11
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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