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The Human Body - Tinybop Inc.

The Human Body iPhone App Review.

Explaining to your child how the human body works can prove to be a really tough job. It's hard enough to explain to an adult what's going on inside of his body when being faced with a medical condition. So, you can only imagine how hard it is to make your child understand all this. But since seeing is usually more effective than being told about something, The Human Body app helps you do just that: show your child how the human body works, instead of telling him.

The Human Body is incredible. It's so interactive and well designed that it won't only help your child better understand what's going on with his body, but you'll also get a better sense of the things going on inside your own. From brain to heart, from lungs to bones, from eye to ear, The Human Body gives you all the necessary tools to help you get a better view of just how your body works.

Discover how all 7 major systems inside your body work

The human body is made up of 7 major systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and urogenital. And with this app, your child can explore 6 of these systems as soon as you download the app. The 7th, the urogenital system, can also be explored, but only with your consent, through an in-app purchase.

But enough with all these technicalities. What makes The Human Body incredible is the way it shows your child how everything works. I, for one, found the nervous and digestive systems absolutely amazing. Mostly because the learning process is so interactive.

Extremely interactive

Feed the dummy on the screen, and you'll witness the entire journey the food you eat takes through the entire digestive system. Discover which parts of your brain are responsible for your rational thinking, your creativity, your feelings or your senses. Watch how the human eye works. How music is perceived by your ear. How your lungs and heart work, and what is hidden inside all these organs. And the list of things The Human Body helps you explore goes on.

Great learning experience

The app includes even more features to make the learning experience as good as it gets. The Human Body has a recording mode that enables kids and parents to ask each other questions. And you can manage and share all these conversations using the Parents Dashboard. Plus, The Human Body offers a multi-user system, so that each one of your children can create their own body avatar from one of four characters.

Completely free of charge this week only

I repeat: the human body is amazing. The actual body, and the app, both. So, you can only imagine an app like this doesn't usually come in cheap. But this week, you can get The Human Body app completely free of charge. It's really as good as it gets.


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The Human Body
Developer: Tinybop Inc.
Category: Education
Version reviewed: 1.06
Price: FREE

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