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Let Your Child Learn With Homer Today

Posted by Maria Poeana
Learn With Homer - Homer

Learn With Homer iPad App Review.

I am a sucker for Education apps. I just find them extremely useful, and can't help from wondering how easy it would have been for me, as a kid, to learn all sorts of stuff if I had access to these apps. And just when I think there can't be more to an Education app than I've already seen, I come across yet another great, innovative app. Learn With Homer has got me absolutely mesmerised.

What it is

Learn With Homer is a great all-in-one app that helps your child easily learn letters and sounds. It's also a beautiful story collection. A fun activity collection. And a fascinating encyclopedia. It makes learning just so much fun!

Story Collection

Story time is better with Learn With Homer. You can choose from all sorts of different types of stories, like poetry, folklore, folk songs, nursery rhymes and also original Homer stories. But no matter what type of story you choose, they are all beautifully designed and they all come along with Reading Options. So, you can either read the stories to your child, or turn on the Read To Me button, and listen, along with your child, as the story is being read to him.


And stories aren't the only things to be read with this app. Learn With Homer also offers a complex encyclopedia discussing animals you can find at the zoo, mammals, birds, reptiles, but also other stuff like flight and the five senses. And although it might look like a lot of information to take in, the sounds, images and language used makes all this really easy and fun.

Fun learning tool

Learning to read is also a lot more fun. Learn With Homer includes a lot of learning packages. And it has even more coming soon. Going through various lessons, accompanied by fun stories, your child will learn to identify and pronounce letters and groups of sounds. Then, after a day of learning, it's time to play, as well. In Homer's Clubhouse, your child can have a great time while drawing or recording himself.

Check your child's progress

Plus, the best part of Learn With Homer for you, as a parent, is that with an easy sign up, you can check your child's progress at all times. Listen to him pronouncing new letters. Learning new words. Look at his drawings. And listen to his recordings.

Now, a lot of the activities Learn With Homer has to offer are totally free of charge. However, to explore more of Homer's world, for every section of the app there's a single and a multipack available for purchase. So, there's no pressure. You can put the app to test for free, and see the results for yourself.


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Learn With Homer
Developer: Homer
Category: Education
Version reviewed: 1.7
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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