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Video Baby iPad App Review.

How many times did you find yourself complaining to other parents about the videos that your children watch on TV or on the Internet? It's hard enough to keep track on what they're watching when you're at home, and sometimes impossible while you're at work. But now, you can give him another option, a better option, one that you can have total control over. Enter Video Baby on the AppStore.

What does Video Baby do?

Video Baby is the app that both you, and your child will enjoy. With it, you can control what videos your child is watching, and he can enjoy watching his favorite videos in a fun format, especially designed for him. All you need to do is create a profile and start adding as many playlists and videos as you like. And the great part is that you can add as many profiles as you like, too. So, each one of your children can have his own playlists with their favorite videos, just a quick tap away.

Once you've created a profile and a playlist, you can start adding videos. You can look through all the videos or, better yet, you can search for specific TV shows that you find suited for your child to watch. However, not all the videos displayed on the screen are appropriate for your child, so before adding one to the playlist, you should make sure that it is what you are looking for. As you come across videos that are appropriate, you can add them to one of the playlists you created, or download them, so that they can be watched even when you don't have an Internet connection available.

Control what your child is watching

Video Baby is an app especially designed for children, because it is easy to use, it has a fun design, but also, it helps you limit your child's access to it. When you start playing a video, you can lock the app, so that he can't stop, replay or change the video. Plus, if you want to make sure that he doesn't download other videos, you can also add a secret question that you have to answer to add videos to your children's playlists. And since you can download videos for your children to watch offline, you can even turn the wireless connection off while they are using Video Baby. However, before downloading the first video, you have to show a little appreciation for the app, by liking it on Facebook.

All in all, Video Baby is a great app for both children and grown ups. Of course, it doesn't guarantee the fact that your child won't find other means to watch his favorite videos, if you don't let him do it. But chances are, he will like watching videos through Video Baby so much, that other videos will just look boring when they aren't played with this app.


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Video Baby
Developer: Iyedah
Category: Education
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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