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It’s a wacky good time

Posted by AppBite Team
CodeMaster - Earblast

Wacky Safari iPhone App Review.

The development team over at Earblast thought the kids deserved a better iPhone experience than what the App Store had to offer. And so, the iPhone and iPod Touch application Wacky Safari was born. Wacky Safari tries to develop the kids' natural abilities, teach them interesting facts about wildlife while giving them the opportunity to have a wacky good time while they're at it.

The app features 5 different game modules providing your kid with hours of laughter and entertainment. Mix and Match (1 & 2) lets you put together photos of animals like giraffe, gorilla or an elephant. Simply swipe your finger across the part of the photo you want to flick, and the next photo appears. Match the three different parts of a photo to discover beautiful wildlife. With Wacky Phone you get to call your animal friends and hear them say the wackiest of things. Play the Safari DJ with Paw Jam with three different paws to choose from and create wacky sounds. The game module works similar to a sound board of sorts. Laugh & Learn will provide your kid with interesting facts and jokes with and about their favorite safari animals.

One more thing to note about the game modules, is that the welcoming screen has hidden buttons you can discover, so if you've played all the 5 game modules, after discovering one of the hidden buttons, you're bound to go back and replay them all.

What really makes this app stand out in the pool of apps in the App Store is the friendly overall tone and feel of the games within. Each is hosted by Safari Joe and Safari Jane (yes, both wacky names), and the sound effects and graphics are simply hilarious and complement the entire feel of it all. Wacky Safari is not your regular tap-to-learn application. The developers came up with some pretty awkward ideas for kids to learn through. The Paw Jam game module is a blast, and hearing all the messages from the Wacky Phone made me sink in laughter. I do think however that these wacky ideas will pay out in the end.

The app is newly launched in the App Store and it's bound to be a great addition to the games that you'd want to play with your entire family. It's available for $0.99 and you're really getting more than you're paying for.


Wacky Safari

Developer: Earblast
Category: Games
Updated: November 5th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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